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Can the heart beat without any kind of neurological or hormonal influence:?
Heart muscle has a ? beat.
Intrinsic beat
What does intrinsic mean?
The heart can beat all on it own
How long can a human heart beat once it is removed from the body?
4-6 hrs
What is the name of the specialized cells in the heart tissue that can cause contraction?
Sinoatrial node aka SA node and the atrial ventricular node aka AV node
Where is the SA node located?
In the right atria
Where is the AV node located?
In the right atria
What does the SA node and he AV node do?
They spark a contraction in the heart
Skeletal and cardiac muscles are very similar what is the difference?
Skeletal muscal cells have no communication, cardiac cell can communicate.
After the K+ has crossed the length of the heart, what does it do next?
It move downward in the gap junctions, in the atrial
When the K+ moves downward in the gap junctions does it move at the same time?
When does the K+ stop after it has moved downward in the gap junctions in the heart?
When it reaches the bottom of the atria
***Does the ventricals have gap junctions?
No, Only the one that is connected to the SA node goes down between the ventricals
What is the area called when there are no more gap junctions?
Atrioventricular septum.
What protien tube is between the cardiac muscle cell that allow communication?
Gap junction aka connetion
The intrinsic cells are what?
SA nodes AV nodes
What does the SA node cells act like to spark action potentials?
What is been repelled through the gap junctions?
What is the particular order that K+ goes in across the heart?
From the right atria to the left atria