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What is included in Chordata?
all vertebrates and 2 subphyla of invertebrates
4 traits of chordata?
Notochord, Nerve cord, Pharyngeal slits, and tail
Classification of Tunicates?
Urochordata, deepest branching lineage of chordates.
Classification of Lancelets?
Cephalochordata- marine suspension feeders
What are animals with the following: Brain, skull, eyes and other sensory organs
5 characteristics of craniates:
Active predation,
2 clusters of HOX genes,
families of genes that produce transcription factors and signalling molecules,
Neural Crest, and
Pharyngeal clefts evolved into gill slits
What is the least derived craniate lineage?
What are vertebrates and what 3 things do they have?
Craniates with a Backbone:
1. vertebrae w/ spinal cord
2. Elaborate skull
3. Fin rays, in aquatic forms
What is the oldest living Vertebrate lineage?
What was the 1st vertebrate w/ mineralized skeletal elements in mouth?
What was an Ostracoderm?
A jawless marine vertebrate with a plate of bone on skin
What are Gnathostomes? Give 3 characteristics.
Jawed vertebrates.
1. enhanced sensory systems, including the Lateral Line system
2. Extensively mineralized endoskeleton
3.Paired appendages
What is the Lateral line system in Gnathostomes?
Row of microscopic organs along the side of body that are sensitive to vibrations in the surrounding water
What is included in the gnathostome clade of Oseichthyes?
"Bony fishes" and tetrapods
what is the classification of fishes?
aquatic osteichthyes.
What group contains nearly all familiar osteichthyes?
Ray-finned fishes.
Give 3 examples of Lobe fins.
Lung fishes, and
What are Tetrapods?
Gnathostomes with feet & limbs
Give 4 characteristics of tetrapods.
1. 4 limbs & feet with digits
2. Ears/ detecting airborne sounds
3. Lungs / swim bladders
4. Blood circulation
3 groups of amphibians:
Anura- frogs
Apoda- Caecilians
Urodela- Salamanders
What is the name for Tetrapods with a terrestrially adapted egg?
What 3 groups are included in Amniotes?
Reptiles, birds, and mammals.
What group contains an egg with specialized membranes that protect the embryo?
give 2 terrestrial adaptions of amniotes.
1. Relatively impermeable skin
2. use of rib cage to ventilate the lungs.
Name 7 groups in the clade of reptiles.
What 3 groups are included in Lepidosaurs?
Lizards, tuataras, and snakes
What are the most diverse and numerous reptiles, aside from birds?
4 derived characteristics of Birds:
No urinary bladder
One ovary
Small gonads until mate season
modern are toothless
what kind of birds are flightless?
What are mammals?
Amniotes with hair that produce milk
What are Monotremes? give 2 examples
Egg-laying mammals.
What are Marsupials? Give 3 examples
Mammals w/ pouch
1. Kangaroo
2. Koala
3. opossum
what is a Eutherian?
Placental Mammal
What are 4 of the 5 characteristics of Primates?
Parental care/complex social behavior
Hands and feet
Large brain, short jaws
Eyes- depth perception
Fully opposable thumb
In order, What are the 6 stages of early embryonic development
Zygote ---> 8 cell stage ---> Cleavage ---> Blastula ---> Gastrulation ---> Gastrula
What is known to conrol cell division & differentiation, and regulates the development of animal embryos
Hox genes, Homeobox containing family of genes
What are the closest living relative of animals?
The presence of hard, mineralized skeletons came when?
Cambrian Explosion
Collectively, what 2 groups belong to Tetrapods?
Amniotes and Amphibians
what is known as a group of animal species that share the same level of organizational complexity?
What phylum lacks True Tissues?
Sponges/ porifera
What are collections of specialized cells isolated by membranous layers?
True Tissues.
Ectoderm gives rise to ______ and the Endoderm gives rise to the ___________
1.outer covering and CNS
2.digestive tube, and liver and lungs of vertebrates
Triploblasts incluse ALL bilaterally symmetrical animals. T or F.