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5 key traits in land plants that are absent in Charophyceans:
Multicellular, dependent Embryo
Alternation of Generations
Multicellular Gametangia
Apical Meristems
Sporangia- produce walled plant spores
4 key traits plants ONLY share with Charophyceans:
Cellulose synthesizing complexes in plasma membrane
Peroxisome enzymes
Homologous flagellated sperm
Phragmoplast formation
What process happens at Apical meristems?
Mitosis/ cell division
-at tips of shoots and roots
What are tracheids?
Dead, tube-shaped cells that carry water and minerals from the roots.
Non-vascular plants have a _________ dominated life-cycle.
Seedless vascular plants have a _________ dominated life cycle.
what is lignin?
polymer that strengthens the water conducting cells' walls
-Helps the plants to grow taller.
what is phloem?
Living cells that transport sugar in plants
Roots are unique to what kind of plants?
Vascular Plants
What are sori?
clusters of sporangia in pterophytes
What type of plants Significantly decreased the amt of CO2 in the atmosphere during the carboniferous period?
Seedless Vascular Plants
All seed plants are (homosporous and heterosporous)
most seedless vascular plants are (heterosporous or homosporous)
What aspect eliminated the water requirement for fertilization in plants?
what are fungal cell walls made of?
what are mycorrhizae?
symbiotic relationships bt/w fungi and plant roots
In fungi, what are pheromones?
sexual signalling molecules
what's the only diploid stage in most fungi?
what are deuteromycetes?
have no known sexual stage
What kind of fungi is responsible for mold on fruits?
What did fungi derive from?
a unicellular, aquatic, flagellated protist
what are coenocytic hyphae?
the nuclei are not separated.
Alternation of generations occurs in what organisms?
Brown, red, and some green algae, forams, and Plants
what kind of fungi reproduce asexually by Conidia?
Most lichens involve which kind of fungi?
Ascomycites, and sometimes basidiomycetes
what is the integument?
layers of tissue in a seed plant that protect the megasporangium
A triploid endosperm is a characteristic of what kind of plants?
what kind of plants have a fibrous root system?
Seedless vascular plants and most Monocots
what kind of plants have a taproot system?
Most Eudicots and gymnosperms