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what is a ribozyme?
self-reproducing RNA molecule
Person: Living things appear by spontaneous generation from the non-living
Person: 1st experiment had flies appear in a jar w/ a rotting piece of meat, he then covered with gauze and no flies appeared.
Francisco Redi
Who did experiments that disproved the idea of spontaneous generation of organisms?
Pasteur and Redi
what kingdom fits into two domains- Eukarea and Bacteria?
What is the only metabolic pathway common to all organism that doesn't require oxygen?
Which kind of bacteria stains easier (gram stain)
Gram Positive, because the large peptioglycan cell wall traps the dye and
Difference bt/w Gram-Positive and Gram-negative bacteria?
Gram Positive has a plasma membrane and a large peptidoglycan cell wall. Gram-negative has a smaller cell wall and an additional plasma membrane layer
Which kind of gram bacteria is more threatening as far as disease and is more resistant to antibiotics?
How do prokaryotic cells reproduce?
Binary fission
What is a capsule?
prokaryote's sticky external layer of polysaccharide or protein

Helps aid in sticking to substrates, and shields from attacks by the host's immune system
what are fimbriae/ pili?
hairlike appendages that help aid prokaryotes' in adherance
T or F. Prokaryotes can survive w/o plasmids in most environments.
What are endospores?
Resistant cells formed by bacteria.
Most can survive in boiling water
How do obligate anaerobes get chemical energy?
Fermentation or anaerobic respiration
what is nitrogen fixation?
conversion of nitrogen to ammonia
What kind of bacteria causes Botulism, Tuberculosis, Anthrax, and Leprosy?
What kind of bacteria causes Syphilis and Lyme disease?
What kind of bacteria causes Salmonella endotoxins and Campylobacter.
What kind of bacteria did Mitochondria evolve from?
Alpha Proteobacteria
what kind of bacteria lacks peptidoglycan cell walls and is composed of parasites present in only animal cells?
What kind of bacteria did chloroplastes likely evolve from?
What illness(es) are caused by Exotoxins?
Cholera and Botulism
What illness(es) are caused by endotoxins?
what kind of organisms are used in bioremediation?