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What is ventricular diastole?
When the ventricles are full and the valves have closed, and the heart is completely at rest.
How long does diastole last?
A few milliseconds
What is the reason that the ventricle squeeze upward, from the apex toward the base?
The pulmonary trunk, pulmonary arteries into lung to pick up oxygen.
What prevents blood from pushing up on the closed valve?
Papillary muscles and chordie tendina act as apposing forces to close the valve
What happened if the valve pops open?
Not as much blood goes to the lungs.
What happens if there is a defect in the valve causing a blow back? What kind od sound do you hear?
You have a murmur aka prolaps. Swish sound
What effects the color of blood?
The amount of oxygen that is bound to it.
What color is blood when you take off oxygen?
Purple red
What is the definition of an artery?
A vessel that carries blood away from the heart
What is the definition of a vein?
A vessel that carries blood towards the heart
When the blood comes back to the left side of the heart the blood is called?
Oxygenated blood.
How fast can a RBC move through the lungs?
¾ of a second
How many hemoglobin molecules do you have in a single RBC?
One million
How many oxygen molecules do we have to pick up inside on RBC?
Four million
How fast does the RBC pick up oxygen in a healthy person?
¼ second
Why does RBC not slow down to ¾ of a second to pick up oxygen?
To pick up its complement of oxygen at it maximum speed.
Do both of the ventercals fill up at the same time and do the valves closes at the same time?
Is their enough pressure in the ventricle to squeeze all the blood out? Explain.
No, the is a small amount left that cause the semiluner valves to snap shut.
When listing to the heart sound “lub dub” what is this from?
The closing of the semi lunar valves and AV valves
What is the Lub sound from?
The closing of the AV valve
What is the Dub sound from?
The closing of the semi lunar valves
What happened when the heart is out of sync?
The ventricles are squeezing out of order.
When a person stands on their hands, why don’t they die?
The atria still contracts, causing blood to be forced through to the ventricle causing the valve to snap shut, then the blood will be squeezed to the body