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The wavelength that is reflected or rejected is called _____.
Color Vision
Which sex is more likely to be colorblind?
What are the 3 color receptors in our retina?
Red, Blue, Green
Light color is ______ and paint color is _______
Additive, Subtractive
In color deficency, one usually lacks ____ cones?
Red or Green
________ is when we perceive a color based on its context.
Color consistency
In hearing, the height of soundwaves represent ___ and the length represent ____.
loudness, frequency or pitch
What is the normal or safe range of db in hearing?
20- 85 db
The outer ear is also called the ____ and contains the ____.
Pinna, Timpanic Membrane
The tiny bones of the middle ear are called the _____.
Occicles: hammer(malleus), anvil(incas), stirrup(stape).
The inner ear contains ____
the cochlea, semicurcular canals, auditiory nerve(?)
Two types of hearing losses are:
1)Conduction: mechanical problems up to the cochlea
2)Sensory neural (receptor hair cells &/or associated nerves)
Which theory best explains low pitch?
Weaver-Bray Volley Principle
Which theory best explains middle pitch?
Helmholtz's Place (or Traveling) Theory
Which theory best explains high pitch?
Rutherford's Frequency (or Touch) Theory
When sensory interactions such as vision & hearing don't match
McGurk effect
Damage to a portion of the temporal lobe essential to recognizing faces results in a condition known as
The phenomenon of blindsight best illustrates that visual information can be processed without
Conscience Awareness
The number of complete sound waves that strike one's eardrum in a given second determines the _______ of the sound.
Pitch (frequency)