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coiled chain of DNA found in the nucleus of a cell (1950's Watson & Crick)
Chromosomes-46 (chapters of a book)
complex molecule containing genetic information
DNA (sentences)
small segments of DNA- when "turned on" become templates for protein production- about 30K
Genes (words in a sentence)
What similiarities have found to be genetically (nature) related based on studies of twins seperated at birth?
Personality, Temperment, IQ, Abilities, Attitudes, Interests, Career goals,Fears, Brain Waves, Heart Rate
What effects does parenting (nurturing)contribute?
Attitudes, Values, Manners, Beliefs, Politics, Faith
refers to the extent which differences among people are attributable to genes
What aspect of twins before birth is nature?
Nature: whether the egg splits(identical/maternal/monoz) or if there is two eggs (faternal/diz)
What aspect of twins before birth is nuture?
Chorionicity- share the same placenta or not, blood supply, placement of the placenta
What 4 areas contribute to the major differences in later behavior?
1)Prenatal:chorionicity & nutrition
2)Early Experiences: stimulating environment
4)Culture: customs, norms, innovations, collective vs indivdualistic
Who did the studies on early environmental enrichment?
Bennett, Rosenzwieg, Diamond, Krech
What characteristics related to gender show to be genetic across cultures?
Aggression, Social Power, Social Connectedness
C. Darwin's books
Origin of Species
Decent of Man
Expression of Emotion in Man & Animals
studies our differences & weighs the relative effects of heredity & environment
Behavior Geneticists
studies the molecular structure and function of specific genes- a sub field of Beh. Genetics
Molecular Genetics
Lamark's book
Doctrine of Inheritance of Aquired Characteristics