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Who can refer a child for the firesetter program?
- parent/legal guardian
-Maricopa county juvinille court system upon arrest
What are the ages for young firesetters?
The firesetter program is for educational intervention only, if the problem is more seriouse then the child is sent to ...
social service agencies
proceedure for firesetter on scene.
Co.officer/fire investigator fills out juvinille firesetter form. forward to Comm. rel.
If a child confesses to starting a fire, who must be called asap?
AZPOST certified deputy fire marshal or police patrol officer.
What is the proceedure for bringing a child by the station?
Crew fills out juvinille firesetter form and sends it to comm. relations. provide safety info. advise conn. relations will contact them. NO STATION TOUR!!!!
In what time frame will comm. relations contact the parents?
72 hours
classes held
1st and 3rd Sat. of every month

1st = 12th st
3rd = Glendale 57th drive
diff age classes
9 to noon = 2-7
1 to 4 = 8-12
13 to 17 = 3rd Thur 6-9