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Name the features of the neuron used for communication.
Terminal Boutons
What is the function of the Axon?
Carrying information to other neurons.
What is the function of Terminal Boutons and Dendrites?
Terminal Boutons are on the end of Axons, and communicate information to the Dendrites or cellbody of another neuron.
Define Resting Potential.
the action potential of a neuron at rest: -70mv
More positive charges outside the cell than inside
Describe the action potential process.
1. resting potential moves "down" to threshold(-50mv)
2. Na+ flows into axon until inside more + than outside
3. K+ move out of axon
4. Na+ ions flow into axon until +40
5. Na+ moved outside
6. Potential Dif drops to zero then reaches slightly higher than resting
7. once inside becomes neg. K+ ions move back into cell until -70mv restored.
Where does the action potential begin? What is its name?
Axon Hillock-where the axon joins the cell body.
What is the function of the myelin sheath?
Increase speed at which action potential is conducted down the axon.
Define Salatory Conduction.
The process by which action potential jumps from one node (gap in myelin) to the next.
What is the All-or-none law of nerve conduction?
Either we get FULL action potential, or none.
What is the synapse?
The area at the end of the terminal boutons which connects one neuron to the next.
What does the synapse include?
Presynaptic Membrane
Synaptic Cleft
Post-synaptic Neuron
What is the Presynaptic Membrane?
The membrane of the terminal bouton belonging to the neuron generating the action potential(the presynaptic neuron)
What is the Synaptic Cleft?
a very small gap between the terminal bouton and the dendrites or cell body of a postsynaptic neuron
What is a Post-Synaptic Neuron?
the neuron that will be affected by the action potential of the presynaptic neuron.