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Which shell has the lowest energy level?
What is the charge and weight of an Electron?
Charge> -1
Weight> .00055AMU
What is the name of the model that shows the electron's shells arond the nucleus?
Bohr's model
Physical presence of radioactive material in an unwanted location
Ionizing Radiation
Any electromagnetic or particulate radiation capable of producing ions directly or indirectly by its passage through matter
Electromagnetic Radiation
No Mass,No charge,gamma and x-rays (photons)
When an electron changes shells momentarily, what state takes place?
Tell me about Alpha particles
1) Emitted from nucleus
2) Mass of 4 AMU
3) Has a t2 charge
4) Least penetrating of all ionizing radiation
5) High internal Hazard
Particulate Radiation
Mass, charged or uncharged,alpha, beta neutrons
What is a substance that cannot be broken down into simpler substances by chemical means?
Which of the particulate radiation particles is the most penetrating and why?
neutron, due to its lack of charge
The emission and propagation of energy in the form of electromagnetic waves or particles through space of matter
Describe characteristic x-rays
They are produced when an Electron from an outer shell drops to a lower shell, releasing energy in the form of a photon
Tell me about Beta particles
1) emitted from nucleus
2) Internal/External Hazard
3) .00055 AMU
4) Either +/- charge
What is the purpose of the atomic mass?
Gives the # of protons & neutrons
What is an atom?
The smallest unit of an element that can enter into chemical combination
What is a compound?
A substance composed of atoms of 2 or more elements chemically united.
What is a molecule?
2 or more atoms held together by covalent bonds
How are electrons held in their positions?
Balancing Electrostatic forces and centrifugal forces
How are electron shells around the nucleus named?
K (closest to the nucleus)
What is Bremsstrahlung radiation?
When charged particles accelerated toward the nucleus and change direction due to electrostatic forces. That change in direction releases energy.
What are atoms mostly composed of?
Empty space
Nothing, what's the matter with you?(just kidding)

the correct definition is:anything that occupies space and has mass
The atomic structure makes use of how many quantum #'s?
What does the nucleus consist of and what is its charge?
Neutrons & Protons
+1 charge
What does amu stand for and what is its purpose?
Atomic Mass Unit
-to define the masses for parts of an atom due to their small size
What is the purpose of the Atomic #?
tells the # of protons
What is ionization?
The process of adding or removing 1 or more electrons to create ions
What has the same # of protons bt different # of neutrons?
Who loves you baby?