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Name 2 types of hydrants?
Dry Barrel and Wet Barrel
What is the size of a residential hydrant supply main?
At least 6 inches
What is the size of a indstrial hydrant supply main?
At least 8 inches
The hydrant's bonnet, barrel, footpiece are made of____?
Cast Iron
The hydrant's working parts are made of ____?
What is the ideal minimum distance between hydrants?
300 feet
Name 5 things to look for when checking hydrants?
Obstructions, Clearence, Damage, Rust and Corosion, Operation
Define Drafting?
Raising water from static water supply to a pumper
Define Fittings?
Connect hoses of different sizes and threads
Define Adapter?
Fitting to connect couplings with dissimilar threads but same size
What do double males and double females do?
Allow hoses to be connected when both couplings are same sex
Define Reducer.
Fitting to extend larger hoseline by connecting a smaller one
Define Elbow?
Change direction of flow
Define Hosecap?
Close off male coupling
Define Hose Plug?
Close off female coupling
Define Valves?
Control water flow in hoselines, hydrants, pumpers, etc.
Name 4 types of valves and their locations?
Ball Valve, pumper discharge and gated wyes; Gate Valve, hydrant; Butterfly, large pump intake; Clapper, siamese
Define Valve Devices and name 3 types?
Increase or Decrease number of hoselines; Wye, Siamese, Hydrant Valve
What is a Siamese used for?
Combines hoselines to overcome FL in long lays or large flows
Define Hydrant Valve or Humat?
Allows original supply line to be connected to hydrant and charged before another pumper arrives to boost pressure without interrupting flow
What is the difference between a hose appliance and a hose tool?
Water flows through an appliance but not a tool
Name 4 types of Hose Appliances?
Valves, Valve Devices, Fittings, Intake Devices
Name 5 types of Hose Tools?
Rollers, Spanners, Straps, Jackets, Clamps
Name 5 uses for Spanners?
Tighten and Loosen couplings, Prying, Utility Valve Key, Pull Nails, Hammering
Name 3 uses for Hose Straps?
Secure hose to handle pressure, Secure hose to ladder, Carry and Pull hose
Name 3 types of hose clamps?
Screw down, Pressdown, Hydraulic Press
What is the proper location for apply a hose clamp?
At least 20 feet behind apparatus and within 5 feet of coupling on incoming side
What are 2 uses for a hose jacket?
To seal ruptures and to connect hose with mismatched or damaged couplings
Define Fire Hose?
Flexible tube used to carry water under pressure from supply source to point of discharge
Define Intake Hose?
Connects pump to water source
Define Storz?
Sexless coupling with one-third turn connection
What is NFPA 1901 requirement for hose on apparatus?
15 feet large soft sleeve or 20 feet hard suction; 1200 feet of 2.5 inch or larger supply hose; 400 feet attack hose
Name 5 types of couplings?
Threaded, Storz, Quarter Turn, Rocker Lug, Snap
What are the 2 most common types of couplings?
Threaded and Storz
Name 3 types of coupling construction methods?
Drop forged, extruded, cast
Which coupling construction method is the strongest? Weakest?
Strongest is Drop Forged; Weakest is Cast
Name 3 types of lugs?
Pin, Rocker, Recessed
Name 2 types of coupling gaskets?
Swivel Gasket and Expansion Ring
Define Swivel Gasket?
Provide water tight connection between male and female
Define Expansion Gasket?
Located at end of hose expanded into shank
What is the physical difference between a swivel gasket and an expansion ring?
What is a finish?
Arrangement place on top of hoseload and connected to end
What is proper procedure for connecting attack line to stand pipe?
Stop 1 floor below fire floor, take notice of floor layout, detach building hoseline, check for proper adapter, check for debris
What are site requirements for hose testing?
Room for straight runs, away from traffic, smooth and clean area, slight grade
What are equipment requirements for hose testing?
Helmut, pumper, test gate valve, marker, chechsheets, tags, nozzles with shutoffs
What is the maximum length allowed per hoseline when testing?
300 Feet
Name 4 types of hose rolls and their uses?
Straight Roll for loading, washing, and storing; Donut Roll for quick deployment; Twin Donut Roll for compact carry; Self Lock Twin Donut Roll for hospital roll
Name 3 types of hoseloads?
Accordian, Horseshoe, Flat
What is the purpose of a split hosebed?
Allow for both forward and reverse lays
Name 3 types of preconncected hoseloads?
Flat, Triple Layer, Minuteman
Name 3 types of supply hose lays?
Forward, from water source to fire; Reverse, from fire to water source; Split Lay
Name 2 types of Hose Tests?
Acceptance and Service
Define Higbee Cut?
Cut in beginning of thread designed to eliminate cross threading
Where is the Higbee Indicator located?
On Swivel Lug