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Who are younger women who abondoned all other views of femininity and women rolls
The obsession the public had with a communist takeover of the government.
Red Scare
Banned the manufacture, sale, or transport of alcohol
Created belt assembly line production
Henry Ford
Leader of the untouchables that got the credit for takin Al Capone in.
Eliot Ness
Most popular film star of the films that criticized the social order
Charlie Chaplin
public enemy #1, made $120 mil. per year, "scarface"
Al Capone
system of paying for goods at intervals usually with interest added to the balance
Installment Financing
the amendment that allowed women to vote
19th amendment
gave Americans a better understanding of the daily lives of black Americans
Harlem Renaissance
captivated boxing fans. Never Lost
Jack Dempsey
Artists alienated a society whose values they rejected
Lost Generation
king of mass production, had ideas on how to improve it
Frederick Taylor
started the NFL
George Halas
first woman to swim across the English Channel
Gertrude Ederle
The first talkie starring Al Jolson
Jazz Singer
first man to fly across the Atlantic ocean
Charles Lindbergh
illegal bars behind secret doorways or underground
captivated the world of American refugees who spent their days in Parisian Cafes
Ernest Hemingway
master of improvisation on the trumpet
Louis Armstrong
painted about the lonliness and feeling of isolation in the big city
Edward Hopper
black activist, formed universal negro improvement Assn.
Marcus Garvey
made college football famous "grey ghost"
Red Grange
began raiding meeting places of radicles and tried and deported them
Palmer Raids
most famous Baseball Player; scored 60 homeruns in one season
Babe Ruth
challenged the states right to ban the teaching of evolution
Scopes Trial
actor, heartthob of Americans
Rudolph Valentino
captured the loniness and alienation he found in modern life
T.S. Eliot
one queen of the blues
Bessie Smith
A. Fall leased land reserved for Navy to private businesses
Teapot Dome Scandal
gave a list of exceptions to the 18th Amend.
Volstead Act
gave farmers a better life, was vetoed
McNary Haugen Bill
restarded the Ku Klux Klan
William Simmons
2 Italian Immagrants accused of robbing a shoe factory, and killing the paymaster, was sentinced to death by electric chair
Sacco and Vanzetti
says everthing the bible says is true