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leader of Russia; more ruthless than Hitler
Joseph Stalin
leader of Great Britain; democracy
Winston Churchill
chancellor of Germany, leader of Nazi party
Adolf Hitler
president of U.S. had polio
Franklin Roosevelt
came to power in Italy; set up brutal gov't
Benito Mussilini
state should have a strong leader and everyone should obey him
giving into German demands in order to prevent war
"lightning war"; speed vital; want to create panic and confusion
the Ger. attack in the West May 10-22, want to push army to Eng. Chanel
Plan Yellow
hundreds of ships sent across Eng. channel to save French Soldiers
Operation Dynamo
Ger. invasion of Poland, tore Polish army to pieces
Plan White
Port where British and French troops were trapped and looked doomed until Germany stopped
codename for the building of the atomic bomb
Manhatten Project
name for the Ger. air force
leader of Luftwaffe; one of Hitler's most imp. men
Herman Goering
head of African Korps for Germany also konwn as "desert fox"; very smart
Irwin Rommel
1939 over 1/2 of military officers were killed by Hitler, kept very secret
city Hitler was going to wipe off the face of the earth
followed the army around-killing squads-killed all survivors
worst march for any POW; killed almost half the soldiers in it..very little water...60 miles
Bataan Death March
date Pearl Harbor took place
December 7, 1941
devised plan for Pearl Harbor
Admiral Yamamoto
D-Day; allied attack on German occupied France
Operation Overlord
worst beach to be on during D-Day
Omaha Beach
lead the D-Day attack became pres.
Dwight D. Eisenhower
bloodiest battle fot he war
led assassination attemped on Hitler w/ a bomb..hitler escaped w/ only a few scratches
Count Von Stauffenberg
Christmas 1944; Hitler launched massive counter attack-surprise-their army got U.S. uniforms and sneaked into camp
Battle of the Bulge
Victory in Europe; May 7, 1945-Ger. surrenders
VE Day
name of the first atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshim
Little Boy
led the Manhatten Project
Robert Oppenheimer
set up to help support World peace
United Nations
nuclear arms race w/ russia
Cold War
the "perfect" German race
first ship blown up in Pearl Harbor
The Arizona
2 sites of the atomic bombs
Hiroshima and Nagasake
final battle of Pacific; fanatical fighting
auto-biography Hitler wrote
Mein Kamf
arrest and execution of all SA leaders
Knight of the Long Knives
U.S. intercepts Jap. on their way to Midway Island; fought almost entirely by aircraft
German street police-controlled occupied territories
-made ppl obey Nazi rules
Germany tried to destroy Britain Moral by bombing day and night-huge failure
Battle of Britain
Germany was going to cut off all supplies from Britain, almost worked
Battle of the Atlantic
German attack on Russia
Operation Barbarossa
Where Russia stopped German advancements...many people died