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pythagorean triple
Any triple of positive integers a, b, and c, such that a squared + b squared= c squared.
special right triangles
right triangles whose angle measure are 45,-45,-90 or 30,-60,-90
trigonometric ratio
a ratio of the lengths of two sides of a right triangle
a trigonometric ration abbreviation as sin
trigonometric ratio. abbreviation as cos.
Tangent of Angle A = BC\AC Tan of Angle A = opposite\adjacent.
angle of elevation
when you stand and look up at a point in the distance the angle that your line of right makes with line drawn horizontally
solve a right triangle
determine the measurements of all sides and angles of a right triangle
magnitude of a vector
the distance from the initial point to the terminal point of a vector
direction of a vector
determined by the angle that the vector makes with a horizontal line
equal vectors
two vectors that have the same magnitude and direction
parallel vectors
two vectors that have the same or opposite directions