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a solid that is bounded by polygons called faces that enclose a single region of space
the polygons on a polyhedron
a line segment formed by the intersections of two faces of a polyhedron
regular polyhedron
a polyhedron whose faces are all congruent regular
cross section
the intersection of a plane and a solid
platonic solids
fine regular polyhedral
a polyhedron with four faces
a polyhedron with eight faces
a polyhedron with twelve faces
a polyhedron with twenty faces
a polyhedron with two congruent faces, called bases that lie in parallel planes
right prism
a prism whose lateral edges are perpendicular to both bases
oblique prism
a prism whose lateral edges are not perpendicular to the bases
surface area of a polyhedron
the sum of the areas of its faces
lateral area of a polyhedron
the sum of the areas of the lateral faces of a polyhedron
a two-demensional representation of all the faces of a polyhedron
a solid with congruent circular bases that lie in parallel planes
right cylinder
a cylinder such that the segment joining the centers of the bases is perpendicular to the bases
lateral area of a cylinder
the area of the curved surface of a cylinder
surface area of a cylinder
the sum of the lateral area of the cylinder and the areas of the two bases
a polyhedron in which the base is a polygon and the later-faces are triangles with a common vertex
circular cone
the solid with a circular base and a vertex that is not in the same plane as the base
lateral surface of a cone
the consists of all segments that connect the vertex with points on the edge of the base
right cone
a cone with a vertex that lies directly above the center of the base
volume of a solid
the number of cubic units contained in the interior of a solid
the locus of points in space that are a given distance from a point called the center of the sphere
center of a sphere
the center point
radius of a sphere
from the center to the side
chord of a sphere
a segment whose endpoints are on the sphere
diameter of a sphere
a chord that contains the center of the sphere
great circle
the intersection of a sphere and a plane the contains the center of the sphere
half of a sphere
similar solids
two solids with equal ratios of corresponding linear measures