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zenith the point in the sky directly above an observer on Earth
Z line the line formed by the attachment of actin filaments between two sarcomeres of a muscle fiber in striated muscle cells
Z line
zone of aeration the zone between the ground surface and the water table
zone of aeration
zone of saturation the zone of rock or soil below the water table; the zone in which all void spaces are filled with water
zone of saturation
zooplankton microscopic animal organisms that drift in bodies of water worldwide; represent a basic level of feeding relationships
zoospore a flagellated, motile spore produced by algae and some protozoan's
zygosporangium in members of the phylum Zygomycota, a sexual structure that is formed by the fusion of two gametangia and that contains one or more zygotes that resulted from the fusion of gametes produced by the gametangia
zygospore in some algae, a thick-walled protective structure that contains a zygote that resulted from the fusion of two gametes
zygote the cell that results from the fusion of gametes; a fertilized egg