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Define IFR
Instrument Flight Rules
Can't see clearly outside
Define VFR
Visual Flight Rules
Clear day
Define IMC
Instrument Meteorological Conditions
Define VMC
Visual Meterological Conditions
Define the term NALO and state its purpose.
Navy Air Logistics Office-the principal scheduling authority/activity for all Naval Reserve C-130 airlift.
Discuss the adverse effects of cold/hot operational environmental conditions on the aircraft.
Cold: The effect on aircraft materials such as rubber, plastic, and fabric materials is to stiffen and possibly crack, craze, or shater when loads are applied.
Hot - High humidity results in condensation throughout aircraft. Malfunction of electrical equipment, fogging of instruments, corrosion of mental and the growth of fungus are possible results. Further results may be pollution of lubricants and hydraulic fluids and deterioration of non-metalllic materials.