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Muscle extends the leg
quadriceps femoris
Muscle flexes the leg
Innervation for quadriceps femoris
femoral nerve
Innervation for hamstrings
sciatic nerve
S/S injury to common peroneal nerve
"foot drop" occurs at the fibular head
S/S injury to tibial nerve
inability to plantarflex foot and toes
Function of tibialis anterior muscle
dorsiflexes and inverts foot
Function of peroneus tertius
dorsiflexes and everts foot
What muscles plantar flex the foot?
peroneus longus and brevis, tibialis posterior
What is in the superior mediastinum?
thymus, great vessels of the heart, trachea, esophagus
What is in the middle mediastinum?
What is in the posterior mediastinum?
esophagus, descending aorta
What part of the heart does the left coronary artery supply?
left atrium, left ventricle, anterior portion of the septum
What part of the heart does the right coronary artery supply?
right atrium, right ventricle

nodes: sinus and AV
When is blood flow during the coronary artery the highest?
What organs does the celiac trunk supply?
stomach, spleen, liver, proximal duodenum
What organs does the superior mesenteric artery supply?
distal duodenum-->transverse colon
What organs does the inferior mesenteric artery supply?
descending colon
What are the portocaval shunts?
gastric/esophageal veins-->esophageal varices

anorectal veins-->hemorrhoids

paraumbilical veins-->caput medusae
Where is the McBurney point (appendicitis)?
line between umbilicus and ASIS
What are the signs of peritonitis?
sever pain, rebound tenderness, abdominal muscle rigidity
What are the layers of the spermatic cord (superficial-->deep)?
superifical fascia, external spermatic fascia, cremaster, internal spermatic, loose connective tissue
What makes up the Hasselbach's triangle?
rectus abdominus, inferior epigastric artery, inguinal ligament
What part of the brain is responsible for reading and writing?
angular gyrus
What are the S/S of Broca aphasia?
"broken speech" nonfluent speech

good comprehension

**frontal lobe
What are the S/S of Wernicke's aphasia?
whacky words

fluent, but nonsensical speech

poor comprehension
What are the S/S of occluded posterior cerebral artery?
supplies occiput

homonymous hemianopsia (can see in 1/2 of each eye)
What are the S/S of a TIA in internal carotid artery?
ipsilateral monocular blindness

hemiparesis, contralateral

hemisensory loss, contralateral

language disturbance
What are the S/S of a TIA in verebrobasilar artery?



fascial numbness/weakness

What nerves are responsible for general sensory (pain, temp, touch, proprioception)?
CN 5, 7, 9, 10
What nerves are responsible for visceral sensory?
CN 9, 10
visceral reflexes
What's the order of the visual pathway?
calcarine fissure-->temporal lobe-->parietal lobe-->lateral geniculate body-->optic chiasm-->optic tract--optic nerve-->fovea--->retina
What are the ganglions associated with the superior salivary nucleus?
What makes up the striatum?


globus pallidus
What causes Huntington's?
CAG repeats (atrophy of caudate nucleus)
The thalmus controls all sensory input except...
smell (olfactory)
What syndrome is caused by lateral medulla infarction due to occlusion of PICA?
Wallenberg syndrome
What will damage to the spinothalmic tract (medulla) result in?
contralateral body pain/temp loss
What will damage to the spinocerebellar tract (lateral pons) result in?
ipsilateral limb ataxia
What will damage to the corticospinal tract result in?
contralateral spastic paralysis
What dermatome is elicited by the knee jerk reflex?
What dermatome is elicited by the ankle jerk reflex?