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Search Stores
Search stores are those deployable stores that are used in searching for and localizing a submarine target
Kill stores
Kill stores consists of torpedoes, mines, bombs, rockets and guided missiles
Air to ground missile
Air Launched training missile
Captive air training missile

CATMs are used for pilot training in aerial target acquisition and aircraft controls/displays. They have both tactical and training components.
MK 20 (Rockeye)
Currently in use: CBU-99/CBU-100. Cluster bombs are dispensers which contain a number of bomblets for use against armored vehicles, personnel or small craft. Maximum Qty: 10
BDU-45 (572lb practice bomb)
The BDU-45 is an inert, full scale practice bomb
MK 80 series (Depth bombs)
MK-80 series are Low Drag General Purpose bombs used in the majority of bombing operations where maximum blast and explosive effects are desired
What types of air-laid mines are utilized by the P-3 aircraft?
MK-52 Maximim Qty of 8
MK-56 Maxmum Qty of 6
MK-62 Maximum Qty of 10
MK-63 Maximum Qty of 8
MK-65 Maixmum Qty of 6
AGM-84D Harpoon
The Harpoon cruise missile is an all weather anti-ship attack weapon
AGM-65F Maverick
Is a laser guided, rocket propelled, air-to-ground missile used against fortified ground installations, armored vehicles or surface combatants
The Stand-off Land Attack Missile is a cruise missile like the Harpoon except it is designed for use against land targets
What Two types of torpedoes are utilized by the P-3 aircraft
The MK-46/ MK 54 with a max Qty of up to 2 , and the MK-50 with a max Qty of up to 2.
What are the three basic types of sonobuoys?
Passive, active and special purpose
What is the purpose of a MK 64/ 84 Signal Underwater Sound (SUS) device?
The MK-84 is a sea water activated signaling device used to communicate with a submerged submarine during exercises