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Who makes up the Operational Chain of Command?
Commander of unified/specified cmd
operational forces
Who makes up the Administrative Chain of Command?
operating forces
What is a unified command?
Command make up of two or more services but only has one commander
What is a specified command?
Command who has a broad continuing mission and is made up of one service.
Fleet Commanders/Commanders in Chief
CINCPACFLT - 3rd & 7th fleet
CINCLANTFLT - 2nd fleet
CINCUSNAVEUR - 6th fleet
Task Force Commander
divides fleets into forces, groups, units, and elements
Task Unit Commander
further subdivide into task units(TU)
Who is Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV)?
Donald Winter - a civilian in charge of the DON.
Who is Chief of Naval Operations (CNO)?
Admiral Mike Mullen - senior military officer of the DON and outranks all other naval officers unless an officer is Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Naval Air Force Commander
directly below Commander in Chief (CINC), Pacific, or Atlantic Fleet.
Type Commanders
In command of certain types of squadrons such as VA, VAW, VS, VR, HS, HC, VX, etc.
Aircraft Controlling Custodians
Applied to air commands and COMNAVAIRSYSCOM for exercising administrative control of assingment, employment, and logistics support of certain aircraft and aircraft engines.
Functional Wing Commander
Responsible for the aircraft material readiness, administration, training and inspection of squadron under their command.
Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON)
Master Chief Campa - Senior enlisted member.
Fleet Master Chief
Serves as the principle enlisted advisor to the Fleet Commander in Chief. Presently 6 Fleet Master Chiefs.
Force Master Chief
Master Chief Pennington - serves as principle enlisted advisor to various Force Group Commanders. Presently 22 Force Master Chiefs.
Command Master Chief (CMC)
Principle advisor on enlisted matters to the CO. Command must have 250 or more personnel.