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Discuss the aviation mishaps
HUMAN ERROR-causes high number of mishaps.
MAINT.-improper maint., lack of proper quality assurance, improper priority assignments.
ADMIN-review whether regs and their enforcements could have contributed to the mishap.
MATERIAL-whether the the failures or malfunctions occurred b/c of faulty design, manufacture, or repair
ENVIRONMENTAL-acts of God. Extreme exposure to heat, cold, vibration, noise, illumination, radiation, or atmospheric contaminants
Describe the mishap classes
Class A-Property damage $1 mil. or more, permanent total disability.
Class B-property damage $200,000-$1 mil, permanent partial damage
Class C-$10,000-$200,000, non fatal injury that causes 1 day lost time
Class D-less than $10,000, nonfatal injury with no loss time.
Aviation Gass Free Program
Ensure a safe environment is maintained when working on aeronautical equipment fuel systems.
Hazards of Radio Frequency Energy
voltage large enough to cause life-threatening electric shock, burns, biological changes, and cataracts.
Purpose of Laser Safety Hazard Control Program
To design a series of safety factors established withen using lasers. Establishing standard operation procedures, eyewear, posting warning signs, training, safety surveys, medical surveillance.
Purpose of Safety Stand Down
Used to devote time to safety training, awareness, and enhancement of the cmd safety climate.
Discuss the Operational Risk Management concept
A systmatic, decision making process used to identify and manage hazards that endanger naval resources.
What are the concepts that apply to ORM
IDENTITY HAZARDS-begin with an outline or chart of the major steps in the operation.
ASSESSS HAZARDS-determine the associated degree of risk in tems of probability and serverity.
MAKE RISK DECISIONS-develop risk control options
IMPLEMENT CONTROLS-used to eliminate hazards or reduce the degree of risk.
SUPERVISE-conduct the follow-up of the controls to ensure they remain in place and have the desired effect.
Radio Frequency
Operational Risk Management
Aviation Gas Free Engineer
Safety Responsibilities of the CO
Requires each person is instructed and drilled in safety precautions and procedures are complied with.
Safety Responsibilites of the Aviation Safety Officer
Principle advisor to the CO on all aviation safety matters
Explain the functions of the Safety Council/Enlisted Safety Committee
Safety Counselor is made up of officers, they set goals, manage assets, & review safety related recommendations.

-Enlisted Safety Committeeis a representative from each work center. They meet once a month and discuss safety issues and provide recommendations for improved safety procedures.
Safety Responsibilities of the Ground Safety Officer
The principle advisor to the CO on all ground safety matters
Safety Responsibilities of the
Dept Head
Coordinates the dept's safety program with the unit's Safety Officer and supervise the Dept's Division Safety Officer
Safety Responsibilities of the Division Officer
Ensures that personnel complies with all safety instructions
Safety Responsibilities of the Safety PO
Ensures all personnel are instructed in all safety matters and are familiar with safety instructions
Safety Responsibilities of all hands
All personnel will familiarize themselves with safety regs and instructions applicable to themselves and their assigned duties.