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State the purpose of the squadron planning for training (PBFT).
To evaluate and accomplish medium, short, and long range training readiness objectives.
Define RJQR.
Reserve Job Qualification Requirements. Designed to define and standardize training for OJT awardable NEC's.
Discuss the elements required to obtain and maintain mobilization readiness.
Reserve Billet Training Requirements, Aviation Training Improvement Program, Job Qualification Requirements, Formal Professional Mobilization Training Using Aviation Training Series courseware
State the purpose of Aircrew Coordination Training (ACT)
to integrate teh instruction of specifically defined behavorial skill through out the Navy and Marine Corps aviation training.
State the purpose of Operational Risk Management (ORM).
A systematic decision making process use to identify and manage hazard that endanger the naval resources before they happen.
Discuss crew rest.
Crewmembers shall be provided a crew rest period commencing 12 hours prior to reporting for a mission.
Discuss crew duty.
Commenses at preflight show time (normally 2 hours prior to departure and terminate 2 hours after landing.
Discuss crew currency.
Enlisted aircrew must fly 4 hours per month, officer aircrew must fly a total of 12 hours with a combination of 5 hours, and at least 7 landings.