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The three objectives of first aid.
Save a life, prevent further injury, prevent infection
Methods of controlling bleeding.
Direct pressure, elevation, pressure points, LAST resort.....Tourniquet.
Example of a pressure point.
11 principle points on eash side of body. Jaw, temple, collar bone, knee, wrist.......
Symtoms and treatment for shock.
Lackluster eyes, irregular breathing, cold, pale skin, nausea. Lay victim down with feet elevated 6-12 in. Cover to maintain body heat.
Three classifications of burns.
1st degree- mildest, produce redness 2nd dgree- red and blistered skin 3rd degree- destroyed tissue, skin and bone in severe cases
Heat exhaustion
Skin is cool, moist, and clammy, sweating profusely. Move victim to a cool area, loosen clothing, apply wet cloths.
Heat stroke
Victime stops sweating, need to cool fast.
Difference between an open and closed frature.
Closed (simple) fracture is internal, the bone is broken. Open (compound) fracture is an open wound in the tissue or skin.
Electric shock
Do Not Touch!! Turn off power, try and remove wire from the victim with a non-conducting object.
--Artificial ventilation, start CPR immediately, take to medical.
Clearing an obsturcted airway
Abdominal thurst, Reclining thurst.
Cooling of the whole body caused by exposure to cold moisture. Victim may appear pale and unconscious. Get medical atten. immediately.
Superficial frostbite
Ice crystals forming in the upper skin layers
Deep frostbite
Ice crystals forming in the deeper tissues