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What does the diencephalon surround and what is part of it?
-surrounds the third ventricle
-Thalamus, hypothalamus, and epithalamus
What is the thalamus and what is its function?
-major part of diencephalon
-primary relay center for all sensory impulses except olfaction (smell)
-directs impulses to correct part of cerebral cortex
-if too many impulses at once, decides to go into shock
What does the hypothalamus do and contain?
-monitors blood, nervous system, and endocrine system
-regulates body temperature
-emotional behavior
-controls food/water intake
-causes sleep-wake syndrome (biological clock)
-runs pituitary gland
-houses mammilary bodies
What is the pituitary gland and what does it porduce?
-"master gland"
-produces hormones
What do mammillary bodies do?
-controls olfactory reflexes (sniff, sneeze)
-controls taste reflexes (salivation)
What is part of the epithalimus?
-pineal gland
-habicular nuclei
What does the pineal gland produce?
-produces melatonin (sleep aid)
What do habicular nuclei do?
-responsible for visceral and emotional responses to odors (salivation, stomach growl, onion crying, relation to previous odors)
What is the Mesensephalon and what is it made of?
-made of corpus quadrigemina (2 superior colliculi and 2 inferior colliculi)
-red nuclei
-substantia nigra
-reticular formation
What are the superior colliculi used for?
-used for hand-eye coordination (visual reflexes)
What are the inferior colliculi used for?
-used for auditory reflexes
-controls vibration of middle ear to prevent rupture of tympanic membrane
What are cerebral peduncles and what do they do?
-bundles of projection fibers
-carries impulses from cerebral hemisphere to lower brain