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What does MDRI mean?
Military dietary reference intakes
What does FNB mean?
Food and Nutrition Board
Who reviews the MDRI's with each DRI update published?
The Surgeon General (TSG) and Department of the Army (DA)
What is the MDRI used for?
Quantitative estimates of
nutrient intakes to be used for planning and assessing diets for the healthy military population
MDRIs do not reflect the nutritional needs of what personnel?
Pregnant or lactating military women nor of those individuals
requiring medical nutrition therapy for conditions such as illness, injury, infection, chronic disease, and trauma
What two nutrients are an exception to the RDA and DRI?
Potassium and Sodium
Who should serve as models to help military members, family
members, and DOD employees meet recommended nutritional guidelines?
DOD installation and hospital dining facilities
What will be used as the standard reference for nutrient composition?
The most recent release of the United States Department of Agriculture Nutrient Database for Standard Reference
MDRIs will be met, when averaged, over what time period?
Over a 5 to 10 day period
What does NSOR mean?
Nutritional Standards for Operational Rations
NSOR's are based on what?
What rations are considered to be operational?
MRE's, T-rations, Unitized B rations, amd Unitized Group Rations.
What is the percentage of calories from fat that NSOR's will not exceed?
Up to how many days may a MRE be consumed as the main ration?
21 days
What must happen when the MRE is the sole ration?
Units will provide supplements and
enhancements (for example, bread, milk, and fresh fruit) whenever feasible
What rations do nutritional standards not apply?
Resticted Rations
When are Restricted rations used?
Used in certain operational scenarios, such as long-range patrol and reconnaissance
How long may Resticted rations be used as the sole ration?
Up to 10 days
What rations are considered Restricted rations?
Food Packet and Long-Range Patrol Ration
What type of rations odes the NSOR not apply to?
Survival Rations
What rations are considered Survival Rations?
Food Packet, Survival, General Purpose Improved(GP-I) ration; Food PAcket, Survival, Abandon Ship ration; and the Food Packet, Survival, Aircraft/Life Raft ration.
How many calories does the GP-I contain?
1447 Calories
How many calories does the Food Packet, Survival, Abandon Ship ration and the Food Packet,
Survival, Aircraft/Life Raft ration contain?
Approximately 300 calories.
Where can basic nutrient information on all rations be found?
NATICK PAM 30-25, Operational Rations of the
Department of Defense
What does MDRI stand for?
Military Dietary Reference Intakes
What are the MDRI’s calculated from?
Average needs of an individual with reference body height and weight
What are the reference measurements for height and weight of military members?
Men 174lbs and 69” Women 136lbs and 64”
What temperature range requires NO adjustment to energy requirements?
68 to 86 degrees
At what altitude do energy requirements increase?
10,000 feet
What happens to appetite at high altitudes?
Loss of appetite
What percentage of total calories consumed from foods and beverages should be carbohydrates?
50 to 55%
How much protein should be consumed per kg of body weight?
0.8 to 1.5 grams
What is the maximum percentage of calories from fat on the menu in a military dining facility?
What are the limitations on saturated fat and cholesterol in a military dining facility?
No more than 10% of calories from saturated fats and no more than 300mg/day of cholesterol
How much water should be consumed per day when working in warm weather?
4 to 6 quarts per day
How much water is lost due to sweat when wearing nuclear, biological, or chemical clothing?
1 to 2 quarts per hour
How much water should be consumed per day when working at high altitude?
4 to 6 quarts per day
What kind of beverage, and how much of that beverage, is recommended at high altitudes?
Half of water intake should have 50 to 100g of carbohydrates per quart for first few days, and then increase to 100 to 125g of carbohydrates per quart
What method is NOT recommended to replace lost sodium due to sweat?
Salt tablets
What conditions justify the use of carbohydrate-electrolyte beverages?
Continuous physical activity greater than three hours, poor nutriental intake, an energy deficit of 1000 calories per day, or when sweat loss is high and electrolytes are not adequately replaced by diet.