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definition of philia
-love of friends
definition of sophia
2 kinds of basic dimensions of wisdom
-moral dimension
-social dimension
definition of perennial questions
-the fundamental questions of life; questions that never go away
2 aspects of perennial questions
-cannot be answered
-they are natural questions
Who is refered to as the first western philosopher?
definition of dialogue form
-writing in the form of a play
two types of plato's dialogues
-early (closer to the historical socrates)
-later (not so much the historical socrates)
fundamental question of the crito
-Should Socrates run from death after he is convicted?
fundamental question of the phaedo
-Is there an afterlife?
fundamental question of the apology?
-Should Socrates run from death as he stands in an unfair trial?
TRUE or FALSE: Socrates wrote stuff
According to Socrates, what is the purpose of living?
-the goal of life is to become wise

(this distinguishes us as humans)
2 things that we can learn from dialogue with others
-learn how to develop harmony with each other
2 things that heavily influenced the reason why socrates is always in dialogue with people
-he thinks its a spirtual force that forces him to question everything (has a divine sign)
-the oracle at delphi says that nobody is wiser than socrates
3 groups of people that socrates goes and talks to to test what the Oracle said about him
-poets (artists)
-crafts people
What does socrates finds in the poets(artists) when he tests their wisdom?
-he finds that the artists do not know anything about their artwork; for their followers know more about it than they do
What does socrates find in the politicans when he tests their wisdom?
they think they are wise because they are powerful and their followers are weak... they actually believe that what they are doing is right
What does socrates find in testing the wisdom of the crafts people?
-possess a level of wisdom that can teach others
socrates' main vocation
-target the arrogant people who think that they are wise and bring them down (display the peoples' ignorance to the world)
3 ways how people misunderstand socrates
-because exposing an arrogant persons ignorance is amusing, people assume he is doing it just for laughs
-looking for power of a political nature
-people assume socrates believes he has the answers to the questions he asks
what question does socrates ask the craftsmen?
-what goods are needed in society?
what question does socrates ask the politicians?
-what is justice? what is the basis of a just society?
what question foes socrates ask the poets?
-what is beauty?
2 accusors against socrates
3 charges against socrates
-he corrupts the youth
-doesnt believe in the gods of the state
-makes the weaker arguement appear stronger
definition of sophist
-paid teachers of rhetoric (the art of persuasive speech making) {they can win arguements based on any conditions)
definition of materialism
-desire for physical things dominates.... desires of the body: pleasure seekers; desire in material goods: wealth
definition of hedonism
the destructive cycle of greed/selfishness (makes it impossible to live the good life)
2 things that physical things provide (materialism)
-short-term satisfaction
-no comulative gain
definition of poverty
-minimal material needs (this is the opening to the good life)
definition of the good life
-the life that is genuinely fulfilling
definition of universalism (socrates)
-truth (good-life) is found in the same way by all people
definition of relativism (sophists)
-the good life is relative to a cultures belief system
2 ways in which socrates believes in relativism to a certain degree
-society definitally influences the way you think
-human wisdom is worthless [in this lifetime]
What is the major hope for finding the truth?
definition of ascetic lifestyle
-the life that tries to supress the desires of the body in order to open up the desire of the soul
3 possibilities after we die
-relocation of your soul in a good place
-relocation of your soul in a bad place (worst possibility)
-total nothingness
2 basic points to the backbone of the page 30 arguement
-if i harm others i harm myself
-no one deliberatly causes harm to oneself
3 reasons why socrates does not want to escape from exile in the crito
-it would be bad to uproot his kids
-other countries would be suspecious of him
-hes a believer of the law
what does crito say to socrates and what does socrates say back
-Crito: isnt life better than death?
-Socrates: its not life crito, but the good life that matters
definition of life of integrity
-live according to your principles
definition of justice and the belief behind it
-following the law
(believing the the whole is greater than the part)
definition of injustice and its problem
-breaking the law
(problem: this is immoral because the ppl who break the law are selfish)
socrates' definition of justice
-harmony of the whole
2 situations of selfishness in regards to the law
-a person actively disregards the law
-a person who does not know what the law is
What is the rational way to address an unjust law?
-persuade the state to change it
2 things that the phaedo talks about
-immortality of the soul
-attempts to prove the existence of the soul
2 points about ideals
-standards by which we measure ourselves, things, institutions, etc
-they are not physically real, but most important to our lives
3 ideals of plato
(these are universal, meaning that they matter to everyone)
socrates' definition of goodness
a functioning member of the whole (contributing to the harmony)
socrates' definition of beauty
the affective response to being an active member of the whole
difference between soul and body
soul: eternal unchanging world
body: limited by experences... limited by the temporal world (space and time) (not permant)
5 reasons why people would think of mathematics as a religion
-absolute truth that is universal
-the objects are ideal, not physically real
definition of rationality
to grasp that which is universal
2 things that the soul is
What is individuality according to plato? What is the truth?
-individuality is an illusion created by our bodies
-plato says that deep down, fundamentally, we are all the same
What is platos idea of the soul?
a unity of mind or consciousness