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Pancreas and liver empty into
Paranasal sinuses are
ethmoid, sphenoid, frontal and maxillary
Parathyroid hormone is released in response to
decreased Ca+
Parotid glands secrete by
holocrine method
PNS is
SNS is
Posterior auricular artery is a branch of
Posterior communicating artery
ICA to PCA (posterior cervical artery)
Prolactin stimulates
mamillary body secretions
Proto-oncogenes are normal tissue component that
regulate cell proliferation
Respiratory bronchi do not have
Right ventricular failure is LEAST likely to cause
Pulmonary edema
Schwann cells surround axons in the
Gastin is in the G cells of the
Secretin secretion by the duodenum is stimulated by
low pH in stomach
Shrugging is inervated by
Slowest conduction in the heart is ...
Fastest is ...
AV node
bundle of his
Somatastatin produced by
delta cells of pancreas
Stratum basale of the skin is the most
Sucralfate lines
craters in the stomach
Taste is by what nerves
7 (first 2/3) and 9 (last 1/3)
The adequate stimulus for the semicircular canal is
The anterior ethmoidal air cells open into the... The maxillary opens into the ...
superior meatus
middle meatus
Nasolacrimal duct opens into
the inferior meatus
The cavernous sinus encloses the ......nerves to the eye and its muscles
somatic afferent and efferent
The right bundle branch is not part of the
moderator band
Ciliary ganglion is located between
optic nerve and lateral rectus
Cilospinal center of budge located b/w...
located b/w C8 and and T1 or T2
Diaphragm is innervated by
phrenic nerve
Fossa for lacrimal gland is
the frontal bone
Framework of heart is made up of
fibrous CT
Hypophysis is connected too the brainstem by
portal system
The kidney is
Lateral wall of the orbit consits of the
zygomatic and greater wing of the sphenoid
The least damageable cell type is
stratified pseudocolumnar
Maxillary artery does not pass through either
SOF or Cavernous sinus
Muscles involved with frowning is
corrugator superciliaris
Optic nerve goes through
lesser wing of sphenoid through optic canal
SOF is formed by
greater and lesser wings of sphenoid
Orbit communicates with IT fossa and PP fossa through
Orbit is protected from inflammation by
orbital septum
Orbital septum is continous with
tarsal plate
Palatine bone contributes least to
the orbit
Pancreas is both
exocrine and endocrine
Pituitary sits above
sphenoid sinus
Spina recti lateralis lies on
sphenoid bone
Tentorium cerebelii is found between
crebrum and cerebellum
A band contains
actin and myosin
Going from artery to arteriole to capillary get a
dec in velocity and inc in total cross sectional area
Calcitonin causes hypocalcemia mostly by inhibiting
bone resorption
Gap junctions are responsible for
electrical transmission
In muslce, Ca+ binds to.... changing tropomysin so myosin can bind to actin
Lymph capillaries are .....than blood capillaries
Monocytes turn into
Oligodendrocytes are found in the trolaminar part of the
optic nerve
Release of neurotransmiter is caused by
Smooth muscle can
Surfactant is secreted by
type 2 alveolar cells
Most mitotic layer of epidermis is
stratum basale
thymus is active in young adult then
tympanic membrane is not part of the
Vertebral artery arises directly from
the subclavian artery
The vidian nerver (pterygoid) carries
sympathetics and parasympathetics
Lesion in the Ciliary ganglion would most likely give rise to
Adies tonic pupil
Corneal nerves begin to lose their myelination as the they progress through the
corneal stroma
Dilator muscle of the iris is formed of
epithelial cell process
Thymus is necessary for
cell-mediated immunity
There are... spinal nerves and 33 vertebrae
To destroy reflex tearing
disrupt the trigeminal ganglion
Type ... pneumocytes make up the blood air barrier