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All politics are local
#1 commandment
You can't beat somebody with nobody
#2 commandment
Dance with the one that brought you
#3 commandment
Never say never
#4 Commandment
3 most important things in politics is Money - Money - Money
#5 commandment
It's not over till it's over
#6 commandment
The harder you work - the luckier you get.
#7 commandment
Go negative on your opponent before he goes negative on you.
#8 commandment
Your never too far ahead.
#9 commandment
Most political wounds are self inflicted
#10 commandment
Thinking anything is secret.
#1 mistake
Giving a reporter an interview that is "supposedly" off the record.
#2 mistake
Failing to answer an opponents attack.
#3 mistakes
Promising never to run again.
#4 mistakes
Not taking a poll
#5 mistakes
Taking a poll then ignoring the results.
#6 mistakes
Not knowing when to retire
#7 mistakes
Thinking public officials have a private life.
#8 mistakes
Putting it in writing
#9 mistakes
Failure to follow the strict letter of the law.
#10 mistakes