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What is the most inportant step in venipuncture?
To ID the patient before you drawn the blood.
has to do with the person.
What is PPE?
Personal Protective Equipment
gown mask gloves
After cleaning the site, What is the best way to dry?
Air dry
OSHA requires that traning be given to phlebotomist regarding what?
*Bloob borne pathogens
*Needle safety
*Sharps disposal
3 things
All lab specimen are considered hazardous and infectious therefore, we have waht is known as..
Universal or Standard Precautious
What tests are done in lavender top?
Hgb, hct, plateles, WBC's
What is the purpose of the rubber sleeve on the multi sample needle?
To keep the blood from leaking out
has to do with safety
tThe smaller the number...
The larger the bore needle gauge
size does matter
Evacuated tube system includes...
*color coded vacuum tube
*tube holder
*double sided needle
3 things
which tube has no additive?
What color tube would you use for Protime or APTT?
light blue
Which additive is the best choice for an ethonal specimen?
Sodium fluoride
It preserves glucose and inhibits the growth of bacteria.
Light blue tubes must be filled
9:1 ratio
In case of needle stick accident, What should you do?
Clean with alcohol and report the incident to your supervisor
The purpose of a tourniquet is to ...?
Help locate veins
not to stop
You are to remove the tourniquet after...
1 min
If you make a blood smear from a skin puncture ... you are to do what before?
Always wipe away the first drop of blood
Closing centerfuge lids and keeping them closed until it comes to a complete stop can do what?
Minimize aerosol microbial contmination
Blood smears are made using a slider at what degree angel?
30 degrees
If standard size tubes cause the veins to collapse try using...
pediatric tubes
The most common cleansers for blood cultures are...?
Povidone iodine or chlorhexidine
Containers used for sharps disposal must be...?
*spill proof
*tamper proof
*puncture resistant
3 things
Bleach solution should be mix at what dilution when ued for decontamination?
10% bleach
it is a %
Which point of care test is done to determine platelet plug function?
bleeding time
Arterial blood gasses from the wrist area are always done on the...?
Radial artery
What are the smallest veins in the body?
The respiratory system is responsible for...?
Breathing and the exchange of oxygen/ carbon dioxide
Common site cleanser for a venipuncture is...
70% isopropal alcohol
When anticoagulated blood is spun down ina centrifuge, how does it separate?
Buffy coat=
(middle) wbc's & platelets
RBC's= (bottom)
MSDS is part of the...
Right to know Law
When you leave a patient room make sure...
The bed rails are up and everything else is retuned to where you found it
What is the diffrence between serum and plasm
Plasma= fluid portion of unclotted blood contains all of its clotting factors
Serum= fluid portion of clotted blood
2 thigns
Empathy is...
Validation of a persons feelings
QA indicators are what?
Measurable factors
System that filters, eliminates wastes, regukates water balance...
If patient have fragile skin or excessive hair, try to place the tourniquet...
Over their clothing
When drawing on burn victims...
Look for a site that is the least damaged or scarred
Even is you wear gloves, hands should be washed when?
Before and after specimen collection, restroom use, and if they become soiled
What happens if you squeeze too much during a finger stick "capillary puncture"
Errors in result by diluting with tissue fluid
If an IV is present you must draw blood where?
Below IV
What vein is most likely to be used for an obese patient?
If swelling occurs or a hematoma begins to form at the venipuncture site...
Remove the tourniquet and needle and apply pressure
The most prevalent nosocomial infection in the laboratory?
Hepatitis B
What should you do if the information is not correct on patients I.D. bands/requisitions?
Do not draw the blood until the patient is properly banded
If a patient who is legally responsible for himself says NO to a blood draw...
You must not continue
Two forms of outpatients I.D. are?
Spelling name
Bursting capillaries cause small red pin point cluster are know as
Reverse or protective isolation is for the protection of...
Immuno compromised patient
What is the name of the system used for unidentified patients?
Special 3 part I.D. system
What is the most common complication of phlebotomy?
What happens when the tourniquet is on to long?
How so you transport bilirubin?
Protect from sunlight
What test is order to detemine PH and blood gas
Arterial blood gases (ABG's)
What test would be ordered to detect hematutia?
What test would be ordered if the patient is suffering from FUO-fever of unknown origin?
Blood culturs
What tube is used for STAT electolytes? and What is the addtive?
Green top
Sample mailers have a few disinct warnings on their label. they are
Biohazard sign, send to CDC in case of breakage, name and address of sender/receiver