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Promote Urination - All kind of edema and urinary retention
Tonify Spleen - general Spleen Deficiency
Resolve Phlegm - general Phlegm
Clam Spirit - Insomnia, palpitations and Heart and Spleen Deficiency
1. Fu Ling
Promote urination - Water Retention
Tonify Spleen - Spleen Deficiency - diarrhea
Clear Damp Heat - Lin Syndrome - Damp-Heat, Jaundice - due to Damp-Heat
Long term use may injure the Yin
2. Zhu Ling (pig fungus)
Promote urination - Water or Phlegm Retention
Clear lower Jiao Damp-Heat - Lin Syndrome, vaginal discharge due to lower Jiao Damp-Heat
Clear Kidney Deficient Fire - general Kidney Yin Deficiency
3. Ze Xie
Promote urination - Spleen Deficiency with Water Retention
Tonify spleen - Spleen Deficiency
Expel pus - Lung and Intestine Abscess - due to Lung Heat or Intestinal Damp-Heat
Expel Wind Dampness - Bi Syndrome - especially Hot or Damp Bi syndrome
5. Yi Yi Ren
Promote urination - Edema, Urinary Retention - due to Kidney Deficiency

Expel pus - Abscess, Carbuncles - due to Damp-Heat.

Clear Damp-Heat - Jaundice - due to Dampness
6. Chi Xiao Dou (Little Red Beans)
Promote Urination - Edema - especially Heat type
Stop Thirst - Thirst - due to Summer Heat
7. Dong Gua Pi (Winter Melon Peel)
Promote urination - Edema, Lin Syndrome, Urinary Retention, Damp Bi Syndrome
Promote lactation - Insufficient Lactation

Yin Deficiency
8. Chuan Mu Tong (Wood from Chuan Province)
Promote urination - Edema, Urinary Retention, Lin Syndrome
Clear Damp-Heat - Jaundice - Yin and Yang type
Reduce BP - Hypertension
4. Yu Mi Xu (Beard of Corn)