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Contractual arrangements between administrators and rank-and-file members
Labor Relations
Government agency dealing with issues related to public-employee unions
Federal Labor Relations Council
Preamble, Statement of purpose, and definitions
Constitutional Clauses
Wages, hours, and fringe benefits
Conditions of Employment
"negotiations" or "the meet-and-confer process"
Collective Bargaining
using the right words, phrases, and facial expressions
Precise communication
The sender follows his message with the appropriate questions
Two-way dialogue
Hiring a neutral third party to help identify the real concerns and conflicts that have caused and impasse
An individual or panel who resolves disputes with decisions that are binding on both management and labor
An individual or panel who offers suggestions but nonbinding solutions to disputes
Way in which firefighters purposely reduce their productivity by following every regulation to the letter
Tactic in which fire fighters report to work but then refuse to do anything but respond to emergency calls
Selective Duty
Memorandum of Understanding
American Federation of Labor
Congress of Industrial Organizations
National Labor Relations Board
Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization
American Federation of State, Couty, and Municiple Employees
What labor union calls a job applicant's signed pledge not to join a union
Yellow-dog contract
1932 - made yellow-dog contracts unenforceable in US courts
Norris-La Guardia Act
1933 - guarenteed unions the right to collective bargaining --- struck down in 1935
National Industrial Recovery Act
1935 - Established the National Labor Relations Board
Wagner-Connery Act
1938 -- Guarentees private workers overtime pay at one and one-half times their normal rate of work beyond 40 hours in one week
Fair Labor Standards Act
1947 - outlawed closed shops
Taft-Hartley Act
1959 - established minimum requirements for the election of union officials
Landrum-Griffin Act