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What are the 3 characteristics that every Project must have?
1. Each project creates a unique deliverable
2. Each project has a finite timeline, beginning and end
3. Each project is performed in an iterative process (where the PM is constantly refining plans based on the progress of the project)
Project Sponsor
Individual who initiates and organizes approval for the project
Project stakeholders
Managers and non-managers who will be affected by the project in some way
Groupings of separate projects in an organization that are related to a common goal
Groupings of separate projects in an organization that are NOT related to a common goal
Matrix Organization
Mix of functional and project organization
Weak Matrix Organization
Closer to functional organization. Can heavily involve Project Coordinators and Expeditors to help the lowly PM acquire resources.
Strong Matrix Organization
Closer to projectized organization.
Projectized Organization
Companies organized around projects, where employees will be switching projects whenever one ends. Easiest organization for a PM to run a project.
Functional Organizatoin
Companies organized around functional specialties, such as departments, where functional managers have strong control over their employees.
Project Expeditor
Exists mostly in functional organization where they help functional managers in coordinating projects
Project Coordinator
Exists mostly in functional organization where they assist senior management in making decisions on behalf projects. Might be equal or higher rank to functional managers.
Composite Organization
Consist of both projectized and functional departments and where there might be some blending of these various departments.