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What is considered the "eye of the camera system"?
the lens
What are the four main functions controlled by the lens?
1. (image) focus
2. quantity of light
3. image area
4. depth of field
How does the lens work? (brief)
Gathers light rays,
focuses converging rays
on point behind lens (the focal plane)
How does the lens work in relation to the film camera? the video camera?
FC - the film rests on the focal plane
VC - the light sensitive computer chip rests on the focal plane
How does focus work in a picture?
it conveys importance!
How is the quantity of light related to f-stop?
the fstop numbers like 1.4, 2, etc let in much more light than the bigger numbers like 16, 22.
What is the super duper f-stop formula?
f-number = focal length
lens diameter
What is a fast lens?
A fast lense is one that has very low max f-stops like f1.4, f2 etc! (b/c fast is better i like more fstops at the bottom:) )
What is image area controlled by?!
focal length :(
(D* hand coming out of the lens barrel, tweaks the image area)
What do you call a lens with a fixed focal length?
What's a lens with a variable focal length?
a prime lense.
a zoom lense!
What is the defining property of a zoom lens?!
A variable focal length.
What kind of angle of view will a short lens have?
a wide angle of view
What is another name for a short lens?
A wide angle lens!
What is the relation between the focal length of the lens and the image area?
The longer the focal length, the smaller angle of view (smaller image area)
What is depth of field?
the zone of the picture that is reasonably sharp
What 3 factors control depth of field?
1. lens opening (aperture)
2. focus distance (camera to subject distance)
3. focal length
What length of lens creates the unwanted effect of distortion?
distortion = bad
short = bad
What happens to depth of field with larger apertures?
Smaller depth of field
The larger the aperture, the _ depth of field
the farther the distance from camera to subject, the _ depth of field
What is depth of focus?
tolerence in the accuracy in the seating of the lens; The distance on either side of the focal plane where the film or CCD can be seated and still
record an acceptably sharp image
What is perspective?
The apparant size and depth of objects in the image.
What is perspective affected by?
Camera to subject distance
What is the difference between the lens of the eye and the lens of the camera?
the eye - focuses 2d image onto eye that the mind interprets;
the lens - focuses 2d image onto medium, subject to all factors like dof, image size etc
What is size constancy? *H
A perceptual distortion that
causes a mismatch between how we see an image and how a lens records it
Size is not constant when comparing how big something is to your eye and to the camera.
What is hyperfocal distance?
When the lens is set to this, dof extends from half that distance to infinity
What is the relationship between format and depth of field?
The bigger the format, the less depth of field you can achieve