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States the us, and north carolinians, will preserve the american union, establishing this constitution
Premble to NC constitution
THe split of authority among the legislative executive, and judicial branches
Seperation of Powers
A system in which each branch of government is able to check, or restrain, the power of the others
CHecks and balences
THe doctrine that government is created by and subject to the will of the people, who are the source of all political power
Popular Soverignty
Functions and powers exercised by that government that are perscribed, limited, and restricted by law, usually written in a constitution
Limited government
To united with something else already in existance
Declares the general rights of a colony
Declaration of RIghts
An organ of government in many states, and especially in republics.
Council of state
THe chief executive of a state in the U.S.
An elected official ranking just below the governor of a state in the U.S.
LIeutenant Governor
THe supreme deliberative assembly of the United Nations
General of Assembly & Committiees
Representative badies electede locally and have decision making authority, and nonrepresentative bodies, which are either appointed from above, or if elected locally, have no independent governing authority
Types of Local Government
Normally the largest territorial and political subdivision of a state
A center of population, commerce and culture