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a rare mineral prized for their beauty
a durable and beautiful mineral that can now be cut and polished
important gems
rubies are used in laysers, quartz is used in electronics and timepieces, industial diamonds are used to heavy duty drills synthetic diamonds are now indistinguishable from the natual ones
formed from oysters so they are organicly created
lack crystaline structure
minerals or a combination of minerals from which metals or nonmetals can be distracted in usable amounts
metals and examples
are minerals or elements that usually have shiny surfaces that are a good conducor of heat and electricity
iron gold and aluminum
a process in which ore is made so hot that metals of other useful substances may be extracted
Metals which are not mierals include:
steel: made with conium and iron
brass: made from copper and Zinc
not naturally occuring
have dull surfaces and are usually poor conductors of electricity
ex. sulfer
vein minerals
minerals that will fill up cracks and fractures in a rock. Sometimes they will fill empty spaces caused by collapsed rocks
titanium and example
a lightweight, durable metal that can be extracted from two minerals
ilmenite and rutile