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I am contained within a cell. I like to help the cell achieve some of its goals(esp. in regards to the metabolic process).
What am I??
Organelle. It makes up a cell and is considered a molecule of life. It performs certain functions in the cell. and for that one cell only since each cell metabolizes individually.
what characterizes a population?
1)a local group of organisms that all belong to the same species
2)live together
3)form a community
what if our environment changes? Is there anything to help us cope and adapt to these changes?
Homeostasis is a a mechanism that an organism has to help it. It makes sure that everything on the inside is ok regardless of how the external environment changes
the interactions between organisms and their surroundings can cause changes in life. what is this called?
evolutionary adaptation
explain the cell theory.
1) all life is generated from other live cells.
2) reproduction. cells divide to form other cells, strengthen organisms and help them heal.
Prokaryoyes AKA bacteria are unique from eukaryotes in what way?
1)genetic info isnt as well organized as the eurkaryoye(wimpy nucleus).
2)DNA isn't separated from the rest of the cell in the nucleus.
3) doesnt have cytoplasm
what makes the eukaryote more awesome than the prokaryoe??
1)its internal membranes make compartments or organelles that help in diff. ways.
2)its nucleus has DNA
3) cytoplasm(choke) which is reinforced by cytskeleton
although cytoplasm seems like a squished guy he can actually do tons of stuff... like?
1)it surrounds the nucleus
2)it has an icky thick liquid that organelles like to swim in. but their on their feet performing any chores that the cell what surrounds the nucleus. Its a thick fluid that organnelles like to hang out at to help perform any chores the cell commands it to do.
3) its cytoskeleton controls cellular movements
what do eukaryotes do for plants?
1)plants have really tuff/rigid walls outside their membranes.
2)plants have chloroplasts. These use energy from the sunlight to make food for the plants.
what attributes do eukaryotes give animals?
1)a soft cell membrane no cell wall
2)animals have mitochondria which uses energy and food to make energy usable
what is DNA made up of and what does it do?
1) it's made of genes.
2)connects the parents to offspring thru heredity
3)cell dvision. For genetic inheritance to go well it has to have something that will copy the DNA and pass it on to the offspring.
let's say im a bird and i want to fly. What is going to help me out and why?
hint: has to do with 1 of my intended majors
neurons/nerve cells help birds fly since it controls flight muscles. This is done thru impulses(communication) from its long extensions
tell me abt mitochondria
1) their organelles that supply energy ATP(adenosine triphosate).
2)mitochondria is where cellular respiration happens(thanks mainly to its inner membrane).
3) it has an outer membrane.
what is cellular respiration?
it is a chemical energy that uses oxygen to get energy stored by food and sugar
what 2 processes make up an ecosystem
1) the cycle of nutrients. i.e. the decay of plants which fertilizes soil.
2)the flor of engery fromm sunlight to photosynthetic organisms to consumers
what is the formal definition for a catalyst (or a substance that speeds up chemical reactions)
what does taxonomy have to do with organizing information?
Taxonomy is one of many brances of biology. This particular branch names and classifies species, group and organisms.
what do u think
King Phillip Came Over For Great Sex stands for?
u should have answered
Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, family, genus, species
The following example reflects what definition?
The rat was a freak of nature. It soon developed the power of shooting out lasers from its eyes. And all of its offspring had a higher survival rate than other members of their population.
natural selection
Will the rat with a new mutant trait have greater or lower reproductive success?
greater, higher success rate of living.
fill in the blank and define the word if u know what it is.
Noone knows why ur 1st hour teacher is always on edge. You think that the cause of the tension might be the half gallon of coffee he drinks. you decide to put this___________ to the test
hypothesis! you use a hypothesis to give your explanation the possibility of being right. If wrong, then try again.
If your life depended on validating a hypothesis would u choose to use deductive or inductive reasoning. explain ur
Deductive reasoning would be more practical for testing a hypothesis. This is becauuse its in the form of a prediction. as opposed to inductive reasoning which has to do with observing.
whawt is the control group?
the control group is what remains the same
what's the group that is mmodified in an experiment?
experimental group
what exactly are cells?
cells are sacs of fluid surrounded by membranes. organisms contain substances smaller than a cell. however, the cell is the smallest part of that creature that maintains the characteristics of it. i.e. cell takes in fuel, converts it to energy, and eliminate wastes. They are the lowest structural lvl since whatever is contained within the cell cannot reproduce on its own. its dependent on something else to help make it through.
In the cells fluid there are___________?
what is it and define it.
Organelles are contained within the fluid that surrounds the cells. They are strucutres inside the cell that are used during metabolic processes.
what do cells do that humans find fun?
they reproduce (unlike humans they do it by dividing or duplicating and replacing themselves). Their
hierarchy of life. Each lvl stands for the first letter in....
Patrina Angulo Makes Ornaments Colorful, Timeless, Ordinairy, Or Orange. Choose carefully.
Atoms, molecules, organelles,cells,tissues,
organs, organ systems, organisms,community and?