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jone jay
out of treat of 1793 americans hd to pay british dets
thomas jefferson
President- wanted a government run by common people He wanted a small government
Albany Plan of Union
Benjamin Franklins plan for the 13 colonies to work together
Double jeapardy
you cannot be tried for the same crime twice
declaration of independence
we were free frome ingled june 4 1776 tomis jefersen was secful
dividing power between the state and national government

(States have some powers, president and congress have others)
andrew jackson
was a determined 1812 he was a war hero his nickname Old Hickory, he had a kitchen cabinet, the Bank closed in 1836 Jackson refused to wait for them to close, he put government money into pet banks.
alexander hamltion
2 part plan to repay both the nation and state debts 1789 many including bankers
Hamiltons Financial Plan
1st- buy to buy all the bonds to pay off debts

2nd- he wanted to national government to pay off debts owed by the states
John Adams
Massachusetts leader was a skilled lawyer, weighed evidence carefully before acting agreed to defend them
Common Sense
In january 1776 Thomas Paine wrote this pamphlet. He wrote it to convince the colonists that they did not owe King George.
Ethan Allen
a blacksmith,
compromise of 1850 (428-429 431)
in 1850 the debate raged calhoun died president taylor also died they agred it was a seemed possible
when people have a say in government
elastic case
gives power make laws stretches congress power
democratic republicans
jefferson soupported them famers craftworkers wealthy planters
embargo act
forbaden americans to export or import good hurt france and britin cutt of thare splise
erie canal
would let western fermers ship thare goods to ny, bring the binses to towns also the route
hamoilton strong federle goverment merchants and manufacturers
fort sumter
important to the confederacy
robert fulton
funchion steambots in philadelphaia in 1807 fulton lanch
great compromise
on july 16 the delegates narrowly approve shermans plan and each side gave up
Great Plains
broad area of fairly level land that is generally close to sea level
articles of confederation (
1 constitution it was created by confederation in 1777, it failed because it was too weak and it had no powers to tax, raise an army
boston tea party
the colonist dump the tea in the water dDecember 16 at 10pm to protest the tax on tea