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Acquire Project Team can be described as…
1. Obtaining the human resources (team) needed to complete the project 2. The project management team may or may not have control over team member selection, for various resources. 3. Important to consider that: A. PM team must negotiate effectively with others to get team B. Failure to get the necessary team will likely affect project achievement of objectives C. If the resources are not available due to constraints, then other alternatives may have to be considered, which may increase risk, training needs, etc.
As additional team members are added their experience levels, or lack of, could cause what?
An increase in risk which would require risk planning updates
Co-location can be described as
1. Try and have the team located in one room (war room). 2. It increases communication 3. decreases the impact of conflict 4. Improves project identity
Conflict avoidance techniques used by the PM include…
1. Informing the team of a. exactly where project is headed b. project constraints and objectives c. the contents of the project charter d. all key decisions e. changes 2. Clearly assigning work without ambiguity or overlapping responsibilities 3. Making work assignments interesting and challenging 4. Following good PM and project planning practices
Conflict is inevitable because of…
1. Nature of projects trying to address needs of many SHs 2. Limited power of the PM 3. Necessity of obtaining resources from functional managers
Conflict resolution: who generally has the authority to solve conflicts?
1. PM should generally try to resolve conflicts as he/she has authority to do so 2. If not the sponsor or customer should step in 3. Lastly, the one exception is instances of professional and social responsibility (breaking laws, policies, ethics), the PM must go over the head of the person in conflict
Develop Human Resource Plan is described as what?
Identifying and documenting project roles, responsibilities, required skills, and reporting relationships, as well as creating a Staffing Management Plan.
Develop Project Team process is described as…
1. Improves the competencies and interaction of team members to enhance project performance 2. Create an environment that facilitates teamwork 3. Provide motivation through challenges and opportunities, timely feedback, reward and recognition, and other support as needed 4. Use open and effective communication 5. Develop trust among team members 6. Manage conflict constructively 7. Encourage collaborative problem-solving and decision making.
Enetrprise Environmental Factors for HR Planning include…?
1. Orgculture and structure 2. Exisiting Human Resources 3. HR Policies 4. marketplace conditions
Expectancy Theory is what?
EEs who believe their efforts will lead to effective performance and who expect to be rewarded for their work will remain productive as rewards meet their expectations
Ground rules can be described as…
1. What behavior is acceptable and what behavior is not 2. Very important when managing virtual teams
Halo Effect can be described as…
The tendency to rate team members high or low on all factors based on some specific factor. For example, you are a great programmer so you will for sure be a good PM.
Herzberg's Theory is defined as…
Deals with hygiene factors and motivating agents 1. Hygiene Factors - Poor hygiene may destroy motivation, but improving them, under most circumstances , will not improve motivation. Not sufficient enough to motivate people. Examples include: A. Working conditions B. Salary C. Status D. relationships at work 2. Motivating Agents - What motivates people to work. Examples include: A. Responsibility B. Self-actualization C. Professional Growth D. Recognition
Human Resource Plan can be described as…
The process of documenting 1. the project roles & responsbilities, 2. orgcharts, and 3. staffing management plan (including timetable for staff acquisition and release) 4. indentification of training needs 5. team building strategies, 6. recognition programs, 7. compliance considerations 8. saftey issues, 9. effect od staffing plan on org
Interpersonal skills are useful for managing the project team. What are they?
1. Leadership 2. Influencing, particularly when the project manager's authority over team members is limited. 3. Effective decision making, including negotiation and influencing the organization
Manage Project Team process is described as…?
1. Tracking team member performance 2. Providing feedback 3. Resolving issues 4. Managing changes to optimize project performance 5. PM Team observes team behavior, manages conflict, resolves issues, and appraises team member performance. 6. Complicated when team members are accountable to both a functional manager and the project manager within a matrix organization 7. Effective management of this dual reporting relationship is often a critical success factor for the project, and is generally the responsibility of the project manager.
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is defined as what? What are the fve levels?
Not motivated by security or money but instead they are motivated to contribute and use their skills 1. Self-actualization 2. Esteem 3. Social 4. Safety 5. Physical
Motivation Theories include…
1. McGregor's Theory of X and Y 2. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs 3. David McClelland's Theory of Needs (or Acquired Needs Theory) 4. Herzberg's Theory
Negotiation of resources requires the following:
1. Know the needs of the project and its priority within the org. 2. be bale to express how this project will benefit the resources manager 3. don't ask for best resources if project doesn't call for them 4. Resource's manager has his/her job to do as well and resource may not benefit from project 5. Be able to prove, using network diagram, proj schedule, etc. why the resource is needed
Org Process assets that influnce the team are…?
1. Org Standard processes and polocies 2. standardized role descriptions 3. orgchart / PQs templates 4. historical info on org structures of previous projects
Organizational Process Assets that are inputs to developing the Human Resource Plan are?
1. Templates : a. Organizational charts b. Position descriptions c. Project performance appraisals d. Etc., Usually available from HR department or previous projects 2. Checklists: a. Project roles and responsibilities b. Team ground rules c. Health, safety, and Environmental d. Compliance
PM must think of the resources as what?
Think of the employees as your own
Powers of the PM: Which are derived from the PMs position?
1. Formal 2. Reward 3.Penalty
Powers of the PM: Which are the best?
1. Expert 2. Reward
Powers of the PM: Which is earned on your own?
Problem resolution steps include:
1. Define root cause not what was presented 2. Analyze the problem 3. Identify solutions 4. Pick a solution 5. Implement a solution 6. Review and confirm solution solved problem
Project Human Resource Management is described as what?
1. The processes that organize, manage, and lead the project team. 2. The team is comprised of the people with assigned roles and responsibilities for completing the project. 3. The involvement of project team members in planning processes can be beneficial
Project Sponsor works with the project team, typically assisting with…
1. Project Funding 2. clarifying sope 3. monitoring progress 4. influencing others to benefit the project
Project Team that is effective can be described as…
1.- Shares a common goal 2. Strives to get a common job done 3. Has commitment to achieve organization's goals and objectives by accomplishing their work 4. Has diverse backgrounds and skills yet concentrates on a common effort 5. Has great loyalty to the project
Recognition and Reward systems can be described as…
How you will motivate and recognize not just the team but each individual
Resolving conflict has six general techniques. What are they?
1. Withdrawing/Avoiding 2. Smotthing/Accomodating 3. Compromising 4. Forcing 5. Collaborating 6. Confronting/Problem Solving
Resource Breakdown structure shows what?
Breaks the work down by resource type
Resource Histogram can be described as…
A bar chart that shows the number of resources used per time period and where there is a spike in the need for resources
Responsibilities of PMs in regards to HR include…
1. Determine what resources will be needed 2. Negotiate with resource managers for best resources available 3. create a project team directory 4. create project JDs for team and SHs 5. Understand and make sure team members get training 6. Create formal plan in how team will be involved with the project (HR Plan) 7. Insert reports of performance into official company records 8. Create recognition and rewards systems 9. Make sure team members needs are taken care of
Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) can be described as…
1. The RAM establishes assignments for each WBS element/task 2. Show the roles and responsibilities of management, team members, and other SHs
Roles & Responsibilities in the HR Plan have 4 areas that should be outlined which are…?
1. Role 2. Authority 3. Responsbility 4. Competency
Roles and responsibilities are defined in what process?
HR Plan process
Roles and responsibilities: What are the ways to record the project teams roles and responsbilities?
1. Responsibility Assignment Matrix 2. Org Breakdown Structure 3. Resource Breakdown Structure 4. PDs
Staffing Management Plan can be described as…
When and how human resource requirements will be met. It will direct ongoing team member acquisition and development actions. It is part of the human resources plan, which in turn is part of the project management plan.
Staffing Management Plan includes the following…
1. Staff acquisition 2. Resource calendars (availability) 3. Staff release plan 4. Training needs 5. Recognition and rewards 6. Compliance with regulations, union contracts, policies 7. Safety (AKA Health, Safety, and Environmental)
Team building continues through the project until…?
Team building exercises are...?
1. Team milestone races 2. Social events, like ice-cream cones in the conference room, bowling night, or anything that gives the team a chance to interact socially 3. Virtual teams can make it necessary to these activities in ways that permit remote interaction
Team development is described as…?
Seek to improve knowledge and skills of team members, to increase their ability to effectively complete project deliverables - Foster feelings of trust and agreement among team members to maintain team morale and productivity - Create a positive team
Team Development stages are...?
1. Forming - Team members are polite, guarded, and businesslike; Leaders should emphasize directive behavior. 2. Storming - Team members confront each other, struggle for control and either become entrenched or opt out. Leaders should display directive and supportive behavior. 3. Norming - Team members confront issues instead of people, establish procedures collectively and become team oriented. Leaders must provide high support and low direction. 4. Performing - Team members settle down to opt and productive effort. Leaders must be willing to delegate and provide low direction and low support. 5. adjourning - Team completes the work and moves on. These stages reflect the team's "maturity"
Theory of Needs (or Acquired Needs Theory) is defined as…
People are motivated by one of three needs: 1. Achievement 2. Affiliation 3. Power
Theory X is defined as… Theory Y is defined as…
1. A manager subscribes to the belief that EEs need to be watched every minute. People are incapable, avoid responsibility and work whenever possible 2. A manager subscribes to the belief that EEs are willing to work without supervision and want to achieve . People can direct their own efforts
Tools and technique of the Recognition and Reward process are…?
1. Recognition and Rewards: Award decisions made during the process of managing the team through performance appraisals. 2. To be effective, such systems must make the link between behavior and reward clear, explicit, and achievable. Only desirable behaviors should be rewarded. Remember, we want the TEAM to succeed, so reward the TEAM.
Training is a _________ cost paid for by the __________ and documented in the ____________.
1. Project 2. Project 3. HR Plan
Training opportunities should be sought by the PM to….
1. Help team members, 2. decrease overall project cost by increasing efficiency 3. decrease overall project schedule by increasing efficiency
Types of HR Org charts are…?
1. Hierarchical 2. Matrix-based 3. Text-oriented
What should you always remember when it comes to building the project team and softening interfaces?
When surrounded by - and trying to integrate - RAM, WBS, network diagrams, Gantt charts, effort distributions, and budgets, remember that PROJECTS ARE ULTIMATELY FOR AND ABOUT PEOPLE! Success, i.e., meeting objectives, depends ultimately on the cooperation of all the interested parties and on the hard work of project personnel. Integrating the numbers and people is the height of professional project management.
When activity duration are estimated, budgeted, scoped, or planned PRIOR to identifying all team members and their competency levels what may occur?`
Sctivity durations may be subject to change
Who creates the WBS?
The project team members