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Deuteronomy Theme:
Second Law (Moses' last charge to Israel before they enter the promised land)
Outline: Deuteronomy 1-4
First Sermon: Past - What God has done
Outline: Deuteronomy 5-26
Second Sermon: Present - What God expects
Outline: Deuteronomy 27-30
Third Sermon: Future - What God will do
Outline: Deuteronomy 31-34
Deuteronomy 5
Moses reviews the Ten Commandments with the second generation
Deuteronomy 17
Prohibition of kings amassing wives, horses, and money
Deuteronomy 18
Against Witchcraft
Deuteronomy 28
Blessings and Cursings
Deuteronomy 32
Song of Moses
Deuteronomy 34
Death of Moses
Deuteronomy 4:2
Don't add to or subtract from the Word
Deuteronomy 6:4-9
The Shema
Deuteronomy 13:1-5
Prophets must be tested, and if found to be false, stoned
Deuteronomy 29:29
The secret things belong to the Lord
Mountain speaking curses in the covenant renewal ceremony:
Mountain speaking blessings in the covenant renewal ceremony: