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Case v. State Farm
12(b)(6) dismissal for failure to state a claim
Temple v. Synthes
P can proceed in a case without all possible D's if he chooses. P has choice of posture of the case.
Pennoyer v. Neff
D must be served in the forum for a good service of process
Milliken v. Meyers
Absent Citizen, courts have jursidiction without service in the forum over a citizen who is temporarily absent from the state.
Adam v. Senger
P submits himself to the jurisdiction of a foreign court by filing a lawsuit there.
Hess v. Pawleski
Non Resident Motorist Statute,
International Shoe
D must have minimum contacts in a forum for a court to exercise jurisdiction and jurisdiction would not offend the traditional notions of fair play and substantial justice.
Perkins v. Benguet
Systematic and continuous business activities satisfy Int'l Shoe test.
Shaffer v. Heitner
All assertions of state-court jurisdiction must satisfy Int'l Shoe test.
McGee v. International Life Co.
Collecting premiums by mail satisfies minimum contacts for jurisdiction
Pennington v. Fourth National Bank
You need 3 things to satisfy in rem proceedings

1. Property in the forum
2. Seizure at commencement of proceeding
3. Opportunity to be heard.
Mullane v. Central Hanover Bank.
Notice must be reasonably calculated to provide parties an opportonity to be heard.