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Resides on a standalone or user agent computer. Forms the backbone for message handling system. Routes transmitted messages from originator to intended addressee. What is it?
Message transfer agent
What Allows optional creation of a Mailbox for delivery & storage of messages intended for delivery to User Agents (UA) that for some reason are not in service at the time of message receipt?
Message Stores
What Used to support mailing of messages to DOD mail lists (groups)which can consist of thousands of addressees.
Will reside on a separate hardware platform?
Mail list agents
What Resides on a PC & allows user to interact w/other software applications to create, edit, & address messages.
Interacts with MTA to transmit approved messages & to receive, display, or store received messages.
User Agents
What is a Collection of all distributed Root, Region, and Locality Directory Service Agents. (DSA)
Distributed directory structure, where each area, or domain is served by a hierarchy of Directory Service Agents (DSA).
DMS X.500 Directory
What Provides Directory information organized in a database.
Logically related to directory tree for the Region, or Domain that the DSA Serves.
Directory service agent
What Can reside on same PC as UA, or Separate Workstation
Provides UA interface with DSA, to access addressing information from the DMS X.500 Directory Service.
Directory User agent
What Eliminates dedicated backbone
Provides workstation to workstation connectivity based on user security
policy. Ensures individual workstations multilevel security capability.
Multilevel information systems security initiative
What are the five security services?
Integrity, Identification and authentication, non repudiation, confidentiality, and availability.
What are fortezza ready applications
Software application used in conjunction with Fortezza hardware.
Reside at local boundary & provide encryption between enclave & external networks.
System enclave/security products
What are High trust computer OS & application programs that contain features and assurances that support information sensitivity. Also prevent intentional or accidental disclosure to unauthorized users. Enhances security at local enclave.
Secure computing products