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according to the Native American beliefs, the one who ruled over the world of sky and water; who created land, plants, and animals; and carved people from living wood.
Great Spirit (1)
a Native American group from the New England region.
Abenaki (1)
to move from one place and establish a home in a new place. A move of a large number of people or some animals.
migrated (1)
the land area to the west of present-day Alaska where the first Americans started their migration.
Siberia (1)
the land area to the east of Siberia where the first Americans migrated to.
Alaska (1)
a strip of ocean that separated Alaska and Asia.
Bering Strait (1)
the period of time 30,000 years ago when temperatures fell, and much of the earth was covered by glaciers, sheets of ice up to a mile thick.
Ice Age (1)
a wide bridge of land between Asia and North America that was formed during the Ice Age.
Beringia (1)
long-haired cousins of the elephant that appeared during the Ice Age.
mammoths (1)
all of the physical surroundings in a place, including land, water, animals, plants, and climate.
environment (1)
useful materials found in nature, including water, vegetation, animals, and minerals.
natural resources (1)
a people's way of life, including beliefs, customs, food, dwellings, and clothing.
cultures (1)
an area in which a group of people share a similar culture and language.
cultural regions (1)
temporary shelters built out of blocks of snow by the people of the North.
iglus (1)
items made by people.
artifacts (1)
according to the Sioux tribe, from this Great Spirit came a great unifying life force that flowed in and through all things.
Wakan Tanka (1)
a mountain range where some Native Americans of California region settled on its western side.
Sierra Nevada (1)
a low area between the Sierra Nevada and the Rocky Mountains that is mostly desert.
Great Basin (1)
woven flat baskets used by the people of the Great Basin to knock seeds loose from plants.
seed beaters (1)
flat-topped areas similar to a canyon found in the Southwest cultural region.
mesas (1)
sun-baked clay used as bricks by the mesa people to protect their houses from summer heat and winter cold.
adobe (1)
the name used by the mesa people for a single village which might house around 1,000 people.
pueblo (1)
a Plains Indian word for "dwelling" made up of skins fastened around a tall cone of poles.
tipi (1)
one of two languages spoken in most of the territory of the Native Americans of the Eastern Woodlands.
Algonquian (1)
one of two language groups of the Native Americans of the Eastern Woodlands spoken in the New York area and around the southern Great Lakes.
Iroquois (1)