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Which types of axons are surrounded by Schwann cells?
Myelinated and unmyelinated axons in the PNS (one Schwann cell per myelinated axon; one Schwann cell for multiple unmyelinated axons).
What is the name for the fluid regions of the myelin sheath in axons is concentrated?
Schmidt-Lanterman clefts
What long, spindle-like cell is present in the CT coverings of a nerve?
What histological feature is common with nerve tissue?
Fibers have a wavy appearance in both longitudinal and cross-section cuts
Where are cell bodies contained in the PNS?
What support cells are present around neuron cell bodies in ganglia?
satellite cells
What are some key features of sensory ganglia?
1. thick CT 2. fascicles of nerve fibers running through
Why are satellite cells and cell bodies more dispersed in autonomic ganglia?
Neurons in autonomic ganglia are multipolar (more nerve processes)
What is the name for a swelling that may develop in an injured axon?