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A society in which leaders abuse their power
Fundamental principles of representative democracy
Popular sovereignty, political equality, political liberty
Popular sovereignty
government does the peoples bidding,
gov't leaders selected in competitive elections,
elections are free and fair,
people participate in politics,
majority rule,
and high-quality information available
People enter into a social contract
because the government upholds basic liberties including freedom of speech, association, and conscience
The basic framework of the law which describes how the government should function
Hamilton, Madison, and John Jay
a political doctrine advocating limited government based on popular consent, protected from majority tyranny
Funds from national gov't to state and local gov'ts to help pay for programs created by the national gov't
Categorical Grants
Clearly specified prerequisites for aid
Block Grants
Used for general activities
General revenue sharing
aid with no prerequisites
Economic Goals
Raise GDP
Lower unemployment
lower inflation
lower national debt
Fiscal policy
Government efforts to affect the supply of money and the level of interest rates in the economy
Monetary Policy
Government efforts to affect the supply of money and the level of interest rates in the economy (Federal Reserve Board)
Means-tested program: TANF (cash assistance), healthcare, food stamps, housing
the issuing of rules by gov't agencies with the aim of reducing the scale of negative externalities produced by private firms
Social Investment Insurance
Gov't programs that provide services or income support in proportion to the amount of mandatory contributions made by individuals to a gov't trust fund ex. SS and Medicare
Means-tested programs
meet the criterion of demonstrable need
Social Security
Old Age, Survivors, and Disabililty insurance; Frederal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA)