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1. Meet n Greet / Counsel / Qualify
*Good first impression
*Welcome them and thank them for choosing us.
*Handle "put offs", either / or questions.

*Needs assessment
*How they use it
*Alternate choice
*Hoping to accomplish
*Offer water/drink
*Big funnel and vague options to keep choices open.
*Early TO
*Intro to receptionist
*Give cell phone.
2. Vehicle Selection
*Show them the sea of cars
*Start at entry level and move up
*Offer alternate choice
*Establish monetary value
*Systems check
*Build value.
3. Demo Drive
*Did all parties drive
*Mental ownership
*Hwy and city?
4. Trial Close
*Sold Lane
*Scale of 1-10
*Provide information
*5 minutes of your time and I will learn the rest.
5. Service Tour
*Intro to Advisor
*# of bays
*5 Star
*Shuttle Service
*State of the Art Facility
*$199 maintenance
6. Trial Close
*Service Here
*Easy to do business here.
*Cost of ownership savings
*Build value in Hendrick Dodge.
7. Write Up
*Trade Assessment
*Source Card
*Credit App
*Set up and confirm commitments
8. Close Deal / TO to Finance
*Stay with your customer
*Move Quickly
*Set up expectations for Finance and Delivery
*<strong>Under Promise/Over Deliver</strong>
9. Delivery
*5 Star Deliver Checklist
*Set Presets from trade in
*Make sure customer knows how to operate
*No further questions
*Watch them take delivery
10. Follow Up
*Call their home phone and leave a message immediately after delivery and thank them.
*Follow up Day 1, 3, 7, 14, 30.