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0. The Fool.
Air. א
1. The Juggler
Mercury. Beth ב
2. The Priestess
The moon. Gimel נ
3. The Empress
Venus. Daleth ד
4. The Emperor
aquarius. Tzaddi ץ
5. The Hierophant
taurus. Vau ו
6. The Lovers
gemini. Zain ן
7. The Chariot
cancer. Cheth ח
8. Adjustment
libra. Lamed ל
9. The Hermit
virgo. Yod י
10. Fortune
jupiter. Kaph כ
11. Lust
leo. Teth ט
12. The Hanged Man
water. Mem מ
13. Death
scorpio. Nun
14. Art
sagittarius. Samekh ם
15. The Devil
capricornus. 'Ain ע
16. The Tower
mars. Pe פ
17. The Star
ares. He ה
18. The Moon
pisces. Qoph ק
19. The Sun
sun. Resh ר
20. The Aeon
fire. Shin ש
21. The Universe
saturn. Tau ת
2 Wands (Dominion)
mars in aries
3 Wands (Virtue)
sun in aries
4 Wands (Completion)
venus in aries
5 Wands (Strife)
saturn in leo
6 Wands (Victory)
jupiter in leo
7 Wands (Valour)
mars in leo
8 Wands (Swiftness)
mercury in sagittarius
9 Wands (Strength)
moon in sagittarius
10 Wands (Oppression)
saturn in sagittarius
2 Cups (Love)
venus in cancer
3 Cups (Abundance)
mercury in cancer
4 Cups (Luxury)
moon in cancer
5 Cups (Disappointment)
mars in scorpio
6 Cups (Pleasure)
sun in scorpio
7 Cups (Debauch)
venus in scorpio
8 Cups (Indolence)
saturn in pisces
9 Cups (Happiness)
jupiter in pisces
10 Cups (Satiety)
mars in pisces
2 Swords (Peace)
moon in libra
3 Swords (Sorrow)
saturn in libra
4 Swords (Truce)
jupiter in libra
5 Swords (Defeat)
venus in aquarius
6 Swords (Science)
mercury in aquarius
7 Swords (Futility)
moon in aquarius
8 Swords (Interference)
jupiter in gemini
9 Swords (Cruelty)
mars in gemini
10 Swords (Ruin)
sun in gemini
2 Disks (Change)
jupiter in capricornus
3 Disks (Work)
mars in capricornus
4 Disks (Power)
sun in capricornus
5 Disks (Worry)
mercury in taurus
6 Disks (Success)
moon in taurus
7 Disks (Failure)
saturn in taurus
8 Disks (Prudence)
sun in virgo
9 Disks (Gain)
venus in virgo
10 Disks (Wealth)
mercury in virgo